With the release Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2, popular streamers share their thoughts on how they feel about the the game removing building.

Whether you enjoy the new Fortnite season or not, you cannot deny the fact that popular creators are having a blast playing the battle royale. Multiple 'retired' Fornite players such as 'Myth', 'Tfue', and other streamers react to Fortnite removing building in Chapter 3: Season 2.

OG Fortnite streamers react to Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2

With the start of season two, Fortnite implemented a no-building game mode within casual playlists. This decision correlates with Fortnite's ongoing story and will go back to normal after the first nine days of the season.

The no-building mode has brought back loads of popular creators, making Fortnite one of the top watched games on Twitch this week. Creators such as 'Myth', 'Tfue', 'Pokimane', and more have been spending their week back in the Fortnite world.

The exciting part about this is what it will mean for the future of Fortnite. If Epic chooses to keep this as a side game mode, then continued support from the old players will help keep the game moving strong.

Myth takes the stage, labeling himself as 'Fortnite Guy'

Popular Twitch streamer Myth has recently been grinding the new Fortnite season. Myth left the Fortnite realm in early chapter two to become more of a variety streamer. His return this week though, has been nothing short of great.

The popular streamer recently changed his Twitter name to 'Fortnite Guy', letting people know that he is ready to be back dominating on the island.

March 21, Myth tweeted the words "I'm back" when talking about Fortnite. The popular streamer has even been playing with modern Fortnite stars such as 'Sommerset'.

In a recent broadcast, Myth expressed "I think that this game mode is a step in the right direction for a particular audience," when talking about the no-building mode. "Aka people who used to play Fortnite and stopped playing Fortnite because they did not want to learn how to box fight."

"I don't like having my entire life based off of who has better ping", said Myth. He has expressed multiple times over the past few years the direction Fortnite went with box fighting is the main reason why he quit the game.

Whether or not Myth will stick with the game after the no-building mode is removed is yet to be known.

Ninja reacts to Fortnite removing building

Not just the retired Fortnite streamers are enjoying the no-building game mode, but in fact, quite a bit of popular current Fortnite streamers react to Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2.

Streamer 'Ninja' jumped on Twitter to say "Fortnite with no building > most fun I’ve had on Fortnite in YEARS." Ninja has been around playing Fortnite since the beginning, as he was one of the first big streamers to bring light to the game.

Ninja even goes as far to say that this could be the future of Fortnite competitively. "This might be the future of esports for Fortnite", said Ninja. "They make this the main part of Fortnite and they have building become its own side playlist."

"If the people who want building in the game become the minority and this becomes the majority then we can leave this in and do the opposite of what people are saying right now", said Ninja when talking about how others want to make no-building a side game mode.

Ninja has been one of the leading streamers for the game since its release. His expression of wanting no-building to become the main part of Fortnite could have a large impact on whether or not Epic chooses to go in that direction.

Other streamers react to Fortnite removing building

Other streams spoke on the topic of Fortnite removing its infamous building mechanics. Nickeh30 shared his thoughts on Twitter earlier this week, expressing that he feels the no-building mode should become "permanent".

Nickeh30 is known for providing fun family-friendly content. While playing with viewers, Nick constantly tries to find new ways to make the game exciting. He is another stream whos opinion seems to be valued heavily by Epic Games.

Even 'Tfue', ex Fortnite pro and content creator, expressed his love for the new game mode:

The streamers posting these tweets have accumulated hundreds of thousands of likes across Twitter when expressing their love for the new game mode. This could potentially start a new wave in the gaming world, as the Fortnite twitch category has been holding its highest numbers in years.

Popular Fortnite streamers expressing their love for the new game mode makes the future exciting for the world of Fortnite. Whether or not Epic will choose to make this game mode permanent is unknown.

Re-living the good old days

Fortnite bringing back all of the old Fortnite streamers has left a smile on everyone's faces. The excitement of watching your favorite ex-Fortnite streamer drop out of the battle bus once again is exhilarating.

Hopefully, Fortnite chooses to capitalize on this new game mode, bringing so many old players back to the game. Whether you like this season or not, it is no question that the love for Fortnite still shines bright in people's hearts.