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What happened in Fortnite Chapter 2 ‘The End’?

UFOs, Zombies, Cube Queen, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Agent Jones, Queen Stone and Flipped Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 2 came to an end on December 4 with a drastic change to the island. The island that was, has turned on its head, no surprises there. There was a lot of fighting, a cutscene featuring characters from the past and a surprise appearance by none other than Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Here’s everything you need to get to speed on what happened in the Fortnite Chapter 2 ‘The End’ event.

Fortnite Chapter 2 ‘The End’

As players entered the game towards the end of the Season 2 countdown, a blue cube appeared on the map. It appeared solid and if you tried to cross it, it would bounce you away. 

A few seconds before the countdown reached zero, however, every inhabitant of the Season 2 island heard a familiar laugh. It was the Cube Queen who had been floating in an energy field at the center of the island for most of the past few weeks. 

As every head in the map turned to the direction of the laughter, the Cube Queen seemed to be drawing energy from the surroundings into itself. After a period where it seemed it might just burst, her voice rang loud “The last reality is at hand” before shooting a beam into the sky.

Cube Queen with a beam into the sky.
Cube Queen with a beam into the sky.

The beam opened up a portal in the sky revealing a number of UFOs waiting above. It wasn’t just one UFO as many Fortnite players had seen in previous seasons It was an army, an impending massacre if you may. 

UFOs, Zombies and everything nice

Smaller UFOs and giant zombies appeared all over, trying to get into the blue cube and attacking the players. The players had already received weapons in their inventory and it was time for battle.

But it was difficult. The players found it nearly impossible to counter the enemy, whose numbers didn't seem to be lessen. It was an endless horde and soon the players’ weapons also were taken away.

All they could do after this, was to run.

Naturally most of the players flocked to the blue cube assuming it would protect them. But the Cube Queen’s army took care of the Blue cube. One of the UFOs released a beam of high energy directly on to the Blue Cube.

Players were overwhelmed by the Cube Queen's army - zombies and UFO.
Players were overwhelmed by the Cube Queen's army - zombies and UFO.

The Blue Cube shattered.

Agent Jones, Doctor Stone and The Foundation

The game then moved to a cutscene featuring Fortnite’s original character, Agent Jones. Strapped to a chair somewhere below the island’s surface, he was held captive by Doctor Stone.

Doctor Stone: You just had to be a hero, Agent Jones. You know what happens to heroes?

Agent Jones: They … live to fight another day?

Doctor Stone: Not this time.

Doctor Stone’s plans for Agent Jones (strapped with wires and handcuffs) were interrupted by a loud banging on the lab door. 

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson makes his appearance as The Foundation.
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson makes his appearance as The Foundation.

It was the Foundation.

The Foundation rescued Agent Jones while a couple other characters that looked exactly like the Foundation rescued the others on the island. The players went to the inner island where they had to follow the The Scientist. 

There were regular warning announcements of the island’s rotation angle. At the moment though, most of the players following the Scientist did not know what ‘The Rotation meant’. The rotation angle kept increasing and was 60 when they reached their destination.

Everyone followed The Scientist to the Zero point where they met Jones and The Foundation. It was supposed to be safe, until a giant zombie smashed the window. The water rushed in.

A giant zombie destroyed the window near the Zero point. 
A giant zombie destroyed the window near the Zero point. 

As the water rushed in, the screen went black. The next scene was a view of your character alone in a vast ocean.

When will Fortnite Chapter 3 release?

After The End event, your Fortnite character is on a log in what is an otherwise empty sea. There’s a period of waiting as fans anxiously await to see what Epic Games has in store for them. 

Epic Games has not announced when Fortnite Chapter 3 will start, but it might be a few hours to a few days. The last time the game went offline like this, it took quite a few days and a lot of social media hype before Fortnite came back again.

You can also watch what happens next on Fortnite’s official Twitch channel here or the official website for this event.

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