Fortnite Chapter 2 comes to an end on December 4 with ‘The End’ event.

A new Tik-tok ad and an Instagram post seems to confirm Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s involvement in Fortnite. Players can expect some dramatic changes to Fortnite for Chapter 3 which will follow Season 2’s ‘The End’ event on December 4.

Epic Games has remained tight-lipped on details about Season 3. The game developer prides itself on creating a buzz and excitement around a new chapter. Chapter 2’s launch saw the game go offline for a few days and a complete revamp of the map. Chapter 3 might be heading into similar territory if we are to believe Fortnite dataminers.

Tik Tok ad gives sneak peek into Chapter 3

Epic games is undoubtedly gearing up for Season 3’s launch. Amidst all the peraptaions, it seems one TikTok ad released early, although it seems it was unintended.

The trailer shows a group of characters walking when an explosion, resulting in a massive wave lands them in an awkward position. Agent Jones is seen in the water, half-submerged, staring at the island which is turned sideways and sinking. We can see spaceships in the sky, although the video does nothing to explain their presence. The spaceships disappear amidst further explosions.

Ultimately, the island  flips over into what players should assume is the new map. As exciting as this leak is, Fortnite players are still waiting for more information on the new map and to see which POIs make it to Chapter 3.

Did The Rock confirm he is actually ‘The Foundation’?

Dwayne Johnson posted a video on Instagram promoting his brand of energy drinks. While the ZOA promotion is noteworthy, there were quite a few clues in this video.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

There has been speculation of Dwayne Johnson’s involvement in Fortnite for a long time. In the advert, Johnson opens the fridge to take a can of his energy drink. But you can see the Fortnite’s Foundation helmet clearly in the background behind The Rock.

Furthermore, whenever the Rock drinks the energy drink, the camera flips 180. Does this remind you of something? An island maybe?

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