Wear a crown but also paint a target (on your head). Players who win the match while wearing the crown also get an exclusive in-game emote.

The Fortnite victory crown gives you bragging rights in-game. Only a few can earn it and not everyone can keep it all the way to victory. Here’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite Victory crown, including how to get it and its rewards.

What is the Crown in Fortnite?

The Fortnite victory crown.
Fortnite Victory crown. Image Credit: Epic Games.

The Fortnite Victory crown is just a crown. But there’s more to it. Not everyone gets the victory crown, not everyone gets the bragging rights of being one of the best.

With the victory crown comes a shiny crown that goes along with you for the duration that you wear the crown. It looks great but it also makes you a target. Are you ready for the added responsibility? 

You should be, cause players who win the battle royale will also get a special reward at the end of the match.

How to get the Fortnite crown?

You can earn the crown by eliminating an existing crown-holder. Image Credit: Epic Games.

There are two ways to get the Fortnite crown.

  1. Place high in your matches
  2. Eliminate an existing victory crown holder.

Placing high in matches is one way to get the crown. Often the easier one, but the real test begins when you start the game with the crown. Every other player will target you, trying to get the crown off your head.

Here’s how high you need to place in matches to earn the Victory crown:

  • Solo: Top four players
  • Duos: Players in the top two teams.
  • Trios: Players in the top team.
  • Squads: Players in the top team.

Once you get the victory crown, you the start next match with a shiny new crown on your head. It looks great, really good. But it also is visible to everyone else. So there’s a target (on your head). 

The second way to get the Fortnite crown is to eliminate the current crown holder. So, if  you are wearing the crown, everyone… everyone is going to gun for you. 

If you still manage to win despite wearing the crown, Epic Games has a sweet reward for you.

Fortnite players also have an opportunity to earn a special version of this rifle if they confront The Foundation. This version has a slightly higher fire rate, which could mean the difference between victory or defeat. 

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What are the rewards for winning with a crown in Fortnite?

The exclusive Fortnite victory royal crown emote. Image Credit: iFireMonkey on Twitter

Wearing the crown grants you bonus XP. And if you are skilled enough to win while wearing the crown, you will get an exclusive emote.

This emote shows the number of Crowned Victory Royales you’ve earned during the Season!

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