New feature: How and when to Slide in Fortnite? cover image

New feature: How and when to Slide in Fortnite?

It’s not Apex Legends, its still Fortnite. Sliding is a new mechanic in Fortnite that will change close quarters combat significantly. Here’s all you need to know about the new mechanic and how to use it to your advantage

Yes, you saw that right. The featured image is from Fortnite and not some other game. Yes, Chapter 3 Season 1 allows players to slide in-game now. The new mechanic opens up a can (of playstyles) for Fortnite players. Here’s a detailed guide on how to slide in Fortnite. 

Fortnite introduces sliding - Here’s how slide in the game

Image Credit: Epic Games.
Image Credit: Epic Games.

Sliding in Fortnite is very easy, but it is important to know how to do it if you want to get those wins. 

When running with your character you have to press the crouch button on your PC to initiate a slide. The default crouch button in Fortnite is CTRL, but if it doesn’t work for you there’s a high possibility you have it changed.

CTRL only initiates the slide. Once you start sliding, you can let go of the crouch button and your character will go through to the end of the slide. Keep in mind you can let go of the crouch button only AFTER you start sliding. If you let go before you start sliding, you will just crouch like you normally would. It would look very very awkward.

You can only slide down slopes so terrain like hills and mountains. Steeper slopes work best for faster sliding. If it’s a gentle slope, you probably will have better movement sprinting than trying to slide down at a slower pace. 

How to cancel a slide in Fortnite?

You can cancel a slide in Fortnite by pressing the crouch button (CTRL) once again. This is more useful in steeper and longer slopes where you are moving at a faster pace and have better control over your direction.

But remember, you can still shoot and build sliding. So there are many options available to you to avoid combat or even initiate it.

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When to slide in Fortnite?

Image Credit: Epic Games.
Image Credit: Epic Games.

You can slide almost anyways in Fortnite. It has a number of uses that vary depending on the terrain and the opponent. The Apex-Legends-style gameplay is definitely going to add a new element to your daily battle royale games. 

When you are moving down from a hill sliding allows you to move slightly faster. It also makes you less vulnerable from snipers at a distance.

But when you are in close-quarters combat, sliding will surprise your opponents. Going through doorways and close angles sliding down will catch your opponent off-guard. Often, that’s all you need for a victory.

You can also adjust the direction of your slide slightly which can determine your landing place.

That’s all there is to sliding in Fortnite. Stay tuned to for the latest Fortnite news and updates