The best Fortnite chapter 3 drop spots for every single player – whether you like to play aggressive or passive, these spots are for you.

Chapter 3 of Fortnite just went live. This included a brand new map, weapons, and a sliding mechanic. The release created so much for players to explore. In this article, you will learn the best drop spots in Fortnite Chapter 3. There are also a few tips and tricks scattered throughout the article. Enjoy!

Fortnite Chapter 3 map - Where is the best landing spot?

A brand new map brings so much excitement. There are new POIs to explore and even a few old POIs returning. This means you need to find a place to land and learn new rotations. You might be asking yourself - What are the hot drops? Where does no one land? Where do I land as a solo or a duo?

The Daily Bugle is the new Titled Towers

If you land at the Daily Bugle, you will quickly learn it is heavily contested. Several players land at the new POI in every single match. If you like to fight off spawn and start matches off with lots of eliminations then this is for you!

There are three buildings at the POI. The surrounding area includes several floor spawns and chests scattered throughout. For more aggressive players, you can land at the top or in a window of the main building. Then fight it out for loot. A passive approach would be to land at the outskirts or the smaller buildings (the two buildings on the right). Once you claim enough loot, simply loot for free shots or jump right into the battle.

The Daily Bugle also includes lots of movement. First, the POI is scattered with webs that act like bounce pads. These prove mobility around the location. Additionally, players can jump onto ziplines that run across the top of the mountain.

Do not sleep on Sleepy Sound

An interesting new POI appears in Chapter 3. Sleepy Sound looks like a small coastal town. The POI features docks, fishing spots, boats, and numerous buildings to loot.

Early in Chapter 3, Sleepy Sound appears to be one of the most loot dense POIs. Just the buildings alone have 44 total chest spawns. You can find well over 50 chest if you include the surrounding areas. Not only can you find chest, but also a considerable amount of Nom Boxes, Slurp Barrels, floor spawns, and ammo crates.

In addition to the loot, Sleepy Sound has a ton of mobility. The river provides players the option to swim. Then there are all types of cars and several boat spawns. The water splitting the POI creates a natural barrier that will cause the location to be split by two teams. Either way, loot will not be the issue here.

How to get a loot llama every match of Fortnite Chapter 3

Players can find loot llamas all over the map. Just like previous seasons, the llamas spawn randomly across the map. There is one exception to this rule. There is a small hut in the Northwest corner of the map. You can find it to the South of LogJam Lumberyard.

This location offers very little besides the loot llama, but the llama is plenty. You can also find a single chest spawn and NPC at this drop. Aside from that, you will need to look elsewhere to find loot. The good news is that you will already have materials and heals.

The best POI of all time returns - Greasy Grove

Ok, you might not agree that Greasy Grove is the best POI of all time, but it is still a great spot to land at in Fortnite Chapter 3. Not much changed about the new iteration of Greasy Grove. It is located in the same spot as Chapter 1. The biggest change is that the burger joint now sells tacos.

A few of the house received updates and overall the location looks much nicer. You will have to drop in to find out all the subtle changes. You should be aware that this location on the map leaves Greasy Grove vunerable to third parties and players rotating into the area. If you loot quickly or stay aware of your surroundings, Greasy will treat you well.

No name, no problem for this central drop spot

Outside of named POIs, there are also named landmarks. They are smaller locations that have names you can see when entering the location.

This small gas station in the center of the map offers players everything they need to win matches. You have access to enough chests, floor spawns, and Nom boxes to consistently leave with great loot. The other added bonus is the metal. Not every location has enough metal for a player to get full. You can count on this center gas station to fill you up.

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