NAE FNCS Qualifiers concluded with a show stopping performance by Nosh, Nut, and Chukky. Teams rarely win one victory royale in FNCS, let alone three.

Week 3 Qualifier in NAE saw a trio win three matches, a community favorite drop out of qualification, and a young trio prove themselves in the spotlight. The final qualifying week had a little bit of everything. NAE FNCS Week 3 Qualifier held viewers on the edge of their seats through the final match as third place lay within multiple team's grasps.

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Nosh, Nut and Chukky show everyone how to win games

Most trios will not win a single match during FNCS Round 4. "C9 Nosh," "Nut," and "Chukky" not only won a match, but the trio won three out of six. They started off the day with back to back wins.

The Victory Royales put them well ahead of the rest of the leaderboard. Nosh, Nut, and Chukky almost won four straight matches. Instead, the trio fell in second place in game three. Then they proceeded to win the fourth match of the day with 13 eliminations. That game all but sealed their qualification to the FNCS Grand Finals.

The final two matches were merely for fun. The team had secured more than enough points to finish in the top three spots. Their high-ground playstyle proved too much for the rest of the lobby. Something clicked for Nosh, Nut, and Chukky this week. Now, it is up to the other qualified teams to find a way to stop this trio.

An Elite performance from Zlem, Narwhal, and Crunchy

Due to the nature of competitive Fortnite, full trios are rarely part of the same organizations. One of the few is the Elite Esports trio of "Elite Zlem," "Elite Narwhal," and "Elite Crunchy." The trio stuck together after a great performance in their first FNCS Grand Finals. Now, they are headed back to another Grand Finals after finishing in second place to earn a qualification spot.

Zlem, Narwhal, and Crunchy impressed in NAE FNCS Week 3 after a couple of disappointing weeks prior. Their issues vanished and the trio made a statement. They finished within the top six placements in every match, excluding one. The most important match came in game five. The trio sat on the edge of qualification heading into match five. They locked in and picked up a huge 11 elimination victory royale to all but seal a top three overall finish.

A last minute comeback to qualify for Grand Finals

Typically, when a team begins talking about 10+ elimination wins to qualify, their tournament is over. Yesterday, the trio of Nick "SEN Aspect" McGuire, "XPRT Cazz," and "OA Whofishy" pulled off an epic comeback. Heading into the final match, the trio needed 49 points to finish in third place. That equals a 10 elimination victory royale. Aspect, Cazz, and Whofishy did not win the game, but they secured enough points to qualify.

The final match, as usual, was extremely volatile. Many trios searched for eliminations in early to mid game. Then multiple teams attempted to take over high ground in order to win the match. Aspect, Cazz, and Whofishy decided to cause chaos in the mid ground. This allowed them to pick up multiple eliminations why rotating through moving zones. Ultimately, the trio managed to eliminate 12 players on their way to second place. This final 50 point match point the just above fourth place and into the Grand Finals.

NAE FNCS Week 3 Standings

  1. C9 Nosh, Nut, Chukky
  2. Elite Narwhal, Elite Crunchy, Elite Zlem
  3. SEN Aspect, XPRT Cazz, OA Whofishy
  4. Felix, 4LK Pozed, Sparebow
  5. XTRA Furious, Ghost Blake, XTRA Illest

Heats are up next in NAE FNCS

Twelve teams secured their spot in the Grand Finals. The rest of the trios must battle it out in three heats to advance to the Grand Finals. There are a number of stories to watch out for in Heats. The battle for Sweaty Sands is set to continue between Bugha, Bizzle, and Clix versus Gabe, Tahi, and Sprite. Also, yungcalc looks to add to his record-high FNCS Grand Finals appearances. Finally, the field is open for plenty of newcomers to take the stage. Only time will tell which trios advance out of Heats.