Sweaty Sands was once more a highly contested drop in the Fortnite NAE FNCS, and not everybody made it out alive. Week 2 saw a return to form for two high profile trios. Jump inside to learn more.

The battle for Sweaty Sands continued. Once again, the new trio of Gabe, Tahi, and Sprite won the spawn fights. Overall, two veteran trios claimed the top spots. The Season 4 FNCS Champions, Reverse2k, Mero, and Deyy, claimed first place in the NAE FNCS Week 2 Qualifier. In second, Saf, Stretch, and Avery looked impressive.

Sweaty Sands Provides Excitement and Drama Once Again

The most interesting spawn fight continued in NAE FNCS Week 2. All eyes focused on Sweaty Sands. Timothy "FaZe Bizzle" Miller, Kyle "SEN Bugha" Giersdorf, and Cody "NRG Clix" Conrod took on Gabriel “Elite Gabe” Caden, “Tahi,” and “Sprite” for the second straight week.

In the first match, Sprite, Tahi and Gabe failed to connect due to power issues. Sprite's power returned in time for the next match. Neither team decisively won the off spawn fights. The fights lasted several minutes and costed both teams numerous resources. In the end, Sprite, Gabe, and Tahi walked out of Sweaty Sands more often than Bizzle, Bugha, and Clix. Additionally, Sprite, Gabe, and Tahi finished in 17th while the other trio finished in 25th.

Professional Fortnite players and fans took to Twitter to enjoy the battle. None of the players at Sweaty Sands streamed the event, but viewers watched using the in game replay system. A lot of the noise was directed towards Bizzle. Undeservingly, players began to claim that Bizzle is washed; more of the usual nonsense spewed by the competitive Fortnite community.

Former Champions Reverse2k, Mero, and Deyy back to the Top

After a poor Week 1, Malachi "ENDL8SS Reverse2k" Greiner, "ENDL8SS Mero," and Dejsean "ENDL8SS Deyy" Hew showed everyone why they are considered a top trio in NAE. The trio won the region by 10 points and the lead could have been much more.

Mero, Reverse2k, and Deyy looked vulnerable in NAE FNCS Week 2. They won the week but failed to reach the final zones as a full trio. Often, only two players remained after zone five or six. Even a man down, this trio consistently finished with the top five of matches.

The trio won the week, but require some additional practice if they want to win the FNCS Finals. They clearly are dominant and will be a scary trio for the rest of the lobby. The playstyle that Reverse2k, Mero, and Deyy developed is unique to them. Most trios do not play as aggressively as this trio. Their confidence to take and win fights is unmatched. On the other hand, playing a man down will not work in the finals. Therefore, adjustments must be made b before the FNCS Finals.

Saf, Stretch, and Avery return to form in NAE FNCS Week 2

After a disappointing Week 1 performance, Rocco "TrainH Saf" Morales, Josef "Liquid Stretch" Liepshutz, and "C9 Avery" showed up strong in Week 2. The trio won their first match of the day with nine eliminations. That win was the high point throughout the six matches.

One awesome victory royale combined with a few good matches earned this team 2nd place overall. Saf, Stretch, and Avery have yet to hit their ceiling. The trio is newly formed and will only improve as they grow together. Regardless, they have high expectations. All three members of the trio consistently qualify and compete for FNCS titles. Nothing changes this season.

NAE FNCS Week 2 Standings

  1. EL Deyy, ENDL8SS Mero, ENDL8SS Reverse2k
  2. TrainH Saf, Liquid Stretch, C9 Avery
  3. XPRT Dom, Insight Dusky, Spayde OT
  4. PaMstou, wCarey, Fatch
  5. Nobu Beef, Lupien, TNG NicFN

Only One Week Remains for Teams to Qualify for Semi-Finals

Two weeks are in the books. Nine trios locked in their spots for the Finals (3 trios last season, 3 trios from Week 1, and 3 trios from Week 2). Only three spots remain in Week 3. The majority of the player pool must participate in the Semi-Finals, previously known as "Heats." From Semi-Finals, another 18 trios will join the players that qualified directly to Finals. Before that, there is still plenty of competitive Fortnite. This week kicks off the Season 6 DreamHack Open and next week includes another DreamHack Cash Cup Extra.