New guard rises as Bugha, Clix & Bizzle fall in NAE FNCS Week 1 cover image

New guard rises as Bugha, Clix & Bizzle fall in NAE FNCS Week 1

The NAE FNCS did not go as planned in week 1. Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha saw himself and his team-mates finish in 29th place. Meanwhile, a swarm of fresh blood topped the table.

The first Week of North American East (NAE) Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) took an unexpected turn. The old regime of players took a back seat for a new set of players. NAE FNCS Week 1 looked like a passing of the guard from old to new teams and trios. Several veterans performed well, but the new guys on the block stole the show.

The Shining Moment for Ajerss, Degen, and Skqttles

Until now, "FS Degen," "FS Ajerss," and "skqttles" stood in the shadows. They consistently placed near the top of the leaderboard, but had not had their winning moment. Yesterday, the trio proved that they deserve the respect of other top trios in NAE.

Degen, Ajerss, and skqttles started the day strong with a beautiful Victory Royale. They took high ground and did not look back. The 13 elimination victory put them in the driver's seat for the rest of the tournament. Next, the trio claimed another high point match. Degen, Ajerss, and Skqttles popped off for 16 eliminations on their way to a 3rd place game.

After two matches, every other trio looked up at Degen, Ajerss, and Skqttles. First place was far from secured. The trio struggled during the middle of the tournament but in the end earned just enough points to hold on and bring home the qualification.

Underrated No Longer

Every FNCS, a new trio proves themselves. This season, that trio is "Tabnae," "Chimp," and "Teyo." This team appeared in the scene last season. Their 9th place finish last season made waves within the competitive community. Heading into this season, players and analyst began to believe in the relatively unknown trio.

In NAE FNCS Week 1, Tabnae, Chimp, and Teyo earned the respect of the community. They finished 2nd place overall and grabbed a spot in the Finals. Throughout six matches, the team placed top five or better in four matches. Their consistency garnered attention from everyone. Overall, Tabnae, Chimp, and Teyo finished with the second-best average placement in Round 4.

Bugha, Clix and Bizzle lose the Battle for Sweaty Sands

The highest-profile spawn fight of NAE FNCS Week 1 occurred at Sweaty Sands. The power trio of Kyle "SEN Bugha" Giersdorf, Cody "NRG Clix" Conrod, and Timothy "FaZe Bizzle" Miller contested the up and comers of Gabriel "Elite Gabe" Caden, "Tahi," and "Sprite" at the POI. The battle took place in all six matches. The newcomers won the drop spot in five out of six matches. They controlled Sweaty Sands and finished 15th overall. As for Bugha, Clix, and Bizzle, the trio finished at the bottom of the lobby in 29th. The outcome was quite unexpected.

NAE FNCS Week 1 Standings

  1. FS DEGEN, FS Αjerss, skqttles
  2. noob teyo, Сhimpま, Tabnae
  3. LG jamper 7, TRNL Threats, DT Rise
  4. Justicе., Dictate, Userz
  5. cloudy -α-, Klaѕѕ, susscript Ȣƻ

NAE FNCS Week 1 Had it All

Format changes trend to bring criticism. People are hesitant to change and the competitive Fortnite community are no different. This season is different. The community welcomed the changes and thus far, the new format delivered. Every single match provided viewers intense gameplay. In NAE FNCS Week 1, stories began to develop, new players arose, and veterans remained a staple.

Next weekend is sure to deliver more of the same. The top three trios advanced the Finals, but the majority of the player pool remains. In Week 2, three more trios, out of thousands, will join the six already qualified trios.

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