EG defeat Quincy Crew to force three way tiebreakers for Arlington major slots

With a 2-0 win over Quincy Crew, EG secure a place in the three-way tiebreakers to go to the upcoming major! Talent caught up with Fly after the game to talk Dota strategy, and plans for the future.

Christian Decker

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QC Quinn after sweeping TSM: “I think we’ve improved a lot since we started playing and I’m really happy with everybody.”

After a 2-0 sweep of heavyweights TSM FTX, QC Quinn talked with the panel about coming back together with his old teammates and what the process has been like

Christian Decker

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Quincy Crew and team captain KheZu part ways

KheZu’s departure leaves Quincy Crew with just two players on roster

Michael Hassall

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QC ponlo on travel problems: “I didn’t get to visit my girlfriend, feels bad man”

After handedly defeating The Cut, Quincy Crew’s pos 5 player ponlo talked with talent about his travel issues, improvement, and working through his own confidence struggles as he went into the new DPC tour.

Christian Decker

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Quincy MiLAN after epic 5 hour series: “It’s been so long. I forgot which hero I played in Game 1”

After a marathon series, Quincy Crew’s MiLAN reflected on the games, 4 Zoomers sportsmanship and how the team faces challenges.

Christian Decker

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“We are being disrespected and it feels terrible”, Quinn voiced out his frustrations after Valve cancels Major

Following the Dota Major cancelation bombshell, Quinn voiced out his frustrations regarding Valve’s lack of communication.

Sarah "KZ" Zulkiflee

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New Faces Join The Crew – Quincy Crew reveal their roster for the next NA DPC Season

Joining the core duo of Quinn and Yawar are coach Khezu, and fresh faces in Milan and Ponlo. Learn more about the Quincy Crew roster for the DPC 2021-2022 season.

Mike Tsang

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“GG gl lil bro”, OG Eliminate Quincy Crew at TI10

The Lower Bracket of TI 10. OG versus Quincy Crew. The battle of the brothers. Join us as we break down the crazy 2 game series of OG vs QC.

Noah Pather

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