Quincy Crew and team captain KheZu part ways cover image

Quincy Crew and team captain KheZu part ways

KheZu’s departure leaves Quincy Crew with just two players on roster

Quincy Crew has announced that it’s parted ways with team captain Maurice "KheZu" Gutmann. The news was revealed in a post on social media on Saturday, May 21st. With the release, just Yawar "YawaR" Hassan and Quinn "Quinn" Callahan remain on the team.

The departure also means that Quincy Crew has now given up 177.5 of its total DPC points, casing them to fall to 16th in the DPC rankings. This puts them even further away from qualifying for TI. The current threshold for TI11 qualification sits at around 640 points, but this will rise in the next DPC season.

KheZu leaves Quincy Crew

KheZu joined Quincy Crew in October of 2021, initially in a coaching capacity. However by November, the German pro had moved into the captains role. The move was initially incredibly fruitful, with the team winning the first tour of the DPC. But with the cancellation of the first Major, KheZu, like the rest of the Qunicy Crew were outspoken in their disappointment.

In the subsequent replacement Regional Final, QC would take third place, losing out to EG and the newly signed TSM (formery Team Undying). This new pecking order carried on to the second Tour of the DPC, with QC finishing third. All this, despite scoring the same record as their Tour 1 season.

Days after the end of Tour 1, Milan "MiLAN" Kozomara and Remus “ponlo” Goh Zhi Xian would depart the team. KheZu has followed his former teammates less than a month later.

The departure sits in stark contrast to the buoyant feeling the much of NA Dota currently has at the success of TSM FTX. TSM currently sit at the top of the bracket in the Stockholm Major and are headed to the grand finals. While TSM rides high, the other parts of NA Dota struggle to keep their rosters together. And other stalwarts like EG head home having been knocked out of the Major surprisingly early.

Later in the day KheZu commented on his departure in a follow up tweet.

The tweet revealed the removal came as a surprise, and hinted that previously there was another plan for the Quincy Crew roster. KheZu's future plans remain uncertain.