The illustrious Quincy Crew has finally been picked up by an organization! Join us as we look at the announcement and reactions.

After what feels like years of searching for the right sponsor, the North American powerhouse, Quincy Crew has finally found its organization. The crew is one of North America's top Dota 2 teams, and have been unsponsored since March of 2020. However, with an announcement, Quincy Crew has taken another step forward and is now a part of Soniqs Esports.

Quincy Crew representing their new org
Quincy Crew representing their new org

The announcement of Quincy Crew into Soniqs was a pleasant surprise to the majority of the Dota 2 community. The team, comprising Yawar "Yawar" Hassan, Quinn "Quinn" Callahan, Rodrigo "Leslao" Santos, Arif "MSS" Anwar, and their newest member Adrian "Fata" Trinks, has had a good performance over the past couple of months. Despite also having good performances at major events, Quincy Crew hadn't been picked up by a sponsor until now, much to the community's surprise. However, all that was settled with a fun announcement video of the Quincy Crew assembling under their new banner.

A statement from Quincy Crew's Manger Jack "KBBQ" Chen

The announcement has come at a great time as well, right before the Arlington Major. Quincy Crew team manager Jack "KBBQ" Chen made a statement on the new sponsorship of Soniqs Esports. He explained the difficulties of finding sponsors in the Dota 2 scene

It is always a challenge to balance the needs of players, sponsors, and organizations in our rapidly shifting esports scene, especially in a world upended by COVID... In the Soniqs we've finally found the right blend of people, values, and conditions that fit for all of us.

Jack "KBBQ" Chen's Twitlonger about the sponsorship for QC

You can read the full Twitlonger statement here.

Soniqs Esports is a new organization to Dota 2, but it already has teams in Valorant, PubG, Rocket League, and Rainbow 6. With good teams in other esports, Quincy Crew will fit right into the Soniqs organization. Fans and the Dota 2 community as a whole is beyond thrilled that a talented group like QC has finally found an organization.

However, the competition is rising with the Arlington Major around the corner. Do you think Quincy Crew will be able to fight off the curse of the first tourney as an organization? Stay tuned to and find out!