Joining the core duo of Quinn and Yawar are coach Khezu, and fresh faces in Milan and Ponlo. Learn more about the Quincy Crew roster for the DPC 2021-2022 season.

Ahhh roster re-shuffle season - the period where dreams are realised and hearts are broken. In between the madness of rumors, teases and leaks - we now have a clearer picture of what the future of North America may look like. In an announcement on their Twitter page, Quincy Crew have revealed their new roster.

The core duo of Quinn "Quinn" Callahan and Yawar "YS" Hassan reprise their previous roles as mid and carry respectively. With offlaner Rodrigo "Lelis" Santos departing, coach Maurice "Khezu" Gutmann has stepped in to take his place. Rounding up the line-up are Milan "MiLAN" Kozomara on 4, and Remus "Ponlo" Goh and on 5.

It remains to be seen if there will be a coach for the team.

Who is Ponlo?

While those familiar with EU Dota no doubt have heard the name MiLAN, it's Ponlo that have many more Quincy Crew fans scratching their heads. Hailing from Singapore, Ponlo has been an up-and-coming support player in SEA for quite some time now. His story is one seen time and time again in the SEA region - a sheer lack of opportunities.

After grinding it out for almost 8 years, Ponlo first gained attention after a series of scarily accurate predictions during the AniMajor. Some may remember him as an analyst during the SEA TI Qualifiers, where he impressed with his immense game knowledge.

More recently, he went from 9k to 10k MMR in 2 WEEKS after a training program at TNC led by Chai "Mushi" Yee Fung. While he played mostly Position 4 in the past, he's made a switch to Position 5 this year. In his own brazen words "In order for a SEA team to do well internationally consistently, a captain that is stupid enough to believe that he can outmatch the greats of the Dota world must be born."

While he's no longer in SEA, and may not be the captain of this squad, he definitely has a lot to prove to the doubters.

A Bright Future for Quincy Crew After A Disappointing TI10

Quincy Crew at TI10
Quincy Crew at TI10

Quincy Crew had long been the de-facto second place in NA, right behind their big brothers EG. They managed to secure their TI10 invite via DPC points, but had a shaky start in the Group Stage. They did show moments of brilliance in their best-of-one knockout against Team Aster that they managed to turn around.

However, in the now infamous "Hassan Bowl" - Quincy Crew lost out to OG, and finished the tournament at 9th-12th.

After the disappointing result, it was manager Jack "KBBQ" Chen who was first to hint at major restructuring.

While this marks the end of a roster that in KBBQ's words have "stayed together for awhile", the future of Quincy Crew and NA DPC look promising to say the least.

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