“GG gl lil bro”, OG Eliminate Quincy Crew at TI10 cover image

“GG gl lil bro”, OG Eliminate Quincy Crew at TI10

The Lower Bracket of TI 10. OG versus Quincy Crew. The battle of the brothers. Join us as we break down the crazy 2 game series of OG vs QC.

The much anticipated Brother versus Brother matchup between OG's Sumail and Quincy Crew's YS came in TI 10's lower bracket. Here's what happened in the amazing series between NA's new hope Quincy Crew and the 2 time TI champions OG. After the dust settled and OG came out victorious, YS told his brother Sumail "GG gl lil bro". This heartwarming message warmed the hearts of the Dota 2 community as we had to bid farewell to Quincy Crew.

Day 2 of TI 10's group stage has been absolutely amazing, with great series from all the teams. The day started out with PSG.LGD against T1, followed by the CIS titans Vitrus.pro and Team Spirit going against Vici Gaming and Fnatic. But none of these matches have been as anticipated as OG versus Quincy. Not only from the Clash of of the Brothers (or the HassanBowl), but OG's Notail mocked NA Dota in a tweet, so Quincy was fighting for the Pride of North American Dota as well.

Game 1 - Nature Prophet to the OG Rescue

Game one was really close, with Quincy having the lead for a while, and then OG capitalizing on the momentum shift to win. Quincy utilized Phoenix, which was surprising cause Quincy hasn't picked it during The International. While on the other hand, OG picked up some TI 10 meta heroes: Elder Titan, Void Spirit and Luna. Game 1 was really just a game of cat and mouse, where OG with their low cooldowns and Nature's Prophet would constantly push out lanes and divide Quincy across the map. While Quincy would look for fights with their heavy team fight lineup with their Magnus, Phoenix and Kunkka. As the game went on, Quincy kept their early game momentum strong, keeping the pressure on and forcing fights. But Ceb with his Prophet kept split pushing the map, and so Quincy couldn't take objectives resulting in enough space for Topson and Sumail to win the game for OG.

With the momentum was in Quincy's favor, Dota 2 caster Kyle tweeted "Quincy are doing it". And, as the Caster's curse goes, that's when the momentum swung the other way. This gave the community a good laugh, and I think Quincy Crew's twitter had the best reaction.

Game 2 - GG lil' bro

Game 2 OG whipped out a mid Dawnbreaker, an Offlane Earthshaker and a Sumail safelane TA much to the surprise of everyone. While QC rebutted with a Medusa, Winter Wyvern and Mars. As the game started, Quincy tried an aggressive trilane against Sumail's TA. While this proved effective, Topson's Dawnbreaker was left alone to crush Quin's mid Void Spirit. However, with some great early game movements from Quincy Crew, they managed to stabilize the early game.

As the game went on, OG kept taking skirmishes as their lineup was designed for it, and before you knew it, they had a massive gold lead against Quincy. In the end, Topson's Dawnbreaker was just too tanky to bring down, while Sumail's TA dealt too much damage for Quincy to handle. As the game ended, we got a little heartwarming moment from YS to his brother, wishing his lil bro good luck in the rest of the tournament. The Dota community as a whole was filled with emotion, as this heartwarming message was a beautiful moment. With this win, OG claimed the series 2-0 against Quincy Crew and eliminate them from TI 10.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Quincy Crew in TI, as they walk away in 9th - 12th place and $800,000 USD. But its the nature of The International, that we have to say goodbye to teams that we love and teams that we don't. OG moves on to face Team Spirit in their next match.

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