After a 2-0 sweep of heavyweights TSM FTX, QC Quinn talked with the panel about coming back together with his old teammates and what the process has been like

Quincy Crew are back with a vengeance! In what could arguably be called an upset, Quincy swept TSM FTX 2-0. TSM, the Stockholm Major finalists, were humbled by Quincy Crew in an regional rivalry matchup that showed the NA DPC is one to keep an eye on this Tour.

A dramatic matchup

The first game was rather close with both teams coming out with great play. However after a time, the Yawar "YawaR" Hassan Wraith King could almost 1v5 even when getting jumped on. The second game however was a lot more Quincy-favored.

A Chaos Knight bait pick led TSM to draft to counter a carry CK, but Quincy ended up going with an Ursa carry instead. This was compounded by a counter matchup mid with Quinn "Quinn" Callahan playing the mid Necrophos against Pudge mid. Quincy had very favorable lanes and turned that into an early advantage. However TSM fought back with some key teamfights that made the game pretty close. However, after one failed gank on YawaR, the game started to unravel for TSM and Quincy were able to take it.

The series has profound implication with one of the perceived top teams falling to a 1-1 score, which could impact tiebreakers later in the season. This is because another top team, Evil Geniuses, took an early loss to Nouns Esports.

Quinn's power struggles

After the match, the panel got a chance to talk to mid laner Quinn from Quincy Crew. Neal "tsunami" Khandheria first asked about where Quinn was playing. This was because Quinn's power went out before the game, which was announced on Twitter. Quinn told the panel: "I'm at my dad's old office cause my power went out ten minutes before the game started, so I just took my PC and we just drove over here." tsunami asked Quinn to elaborate on the chain of events that led to him playing at an office.

Quinn explained: "My dad just called his office to figure out if they would let me use one of their empty offices to like play or whatever so we just picked up my PC and my monitor and crap and just drove over! I wasn't really sure if we were gonna get DQ'ed or not it was actually really close to get my PC set up. I think we had some level one penalty but I think ten minutes longer and we get DQ'ed.

No prep, no problem

tsunami next asked how Quinn felt about beating TSM, what prep they did for the series, and how it was like playing with Adrian "Fata" Trinks. Quinn said, " I mean to be honest, we didn't do as much prep as far as draft goes the first phase. I think since we're a pretty new team we've just like been spamming scrims everyday for the past two plus weeks."

He continued: "I don't know if our prep was like super extensive as much as we were just trying to find ourselves and become comfortable around each other." On Fata: "I think playing with Fata has been really nice. I think he has a lot of great qualities, I mean to be honest, I'm happy with my whole team. I think we've improved a lot since we started playing and I'm really happy with everybody. Fata played out of his mind this game and so did YawaR."

"I'm at my dad's old office cause my power went out ten minutes before the game started, so I just took my PC and we just drove over here."

quinn about his tech troubles before the match

On the new meta

Mira "Ephey" Riad next asked for Quinn's thoughts about mid Pudge. Quinn responded: "I think there are games for it but I think there's no way it's a first phase hero. I think there's like four or five heroes that just obliterate the hero to the next dimension in lane, Necro just happens to be one of them. He continued "I'm not really sure what makes this hero first phase, like it's fine they gave him like three damage. Did three damage really turn the hero around from unpicked to first phase?"

Ephey also asked about Quinn's thoughts on Techies coming into the meta. Quinn said "I played against him in a couple pubs and he felt mildly annoying to play against. Maybe the buffs helped some, I'm not sure about his win rate or whatever. Quinn continued: "He's a decent hero, he pairs well with a lot of offlaners that aren't really being played right now. He likes, you know, Mars and hard stuns, things like this. Maybe if the offlane pool shifts a little bit Techies will become more prevalent."

"I think playing with Fata has been really nice. I think he has a lot of great qualities, I mean to be honest, I'm happy with my whole team."

Quinn on Fata and his team's performance

Dota is about stealing

Ephey last asked about the team's process of watching and learning from other teams. Quinn said "I mean you definitely steal stuff in Dota that's for sure. I mean Puck/Tusk is an EG classic, they've been doing that for like 16 years."

Quinn added: "We also scrimmed against them and they did it against us in a scrim so... we thought yeah this Puck/Tusk looks pretty good... It wasn't like this pre determined thing where we saw this Clock and were like 'ok!'"

Quinn on the team reunion

After asking a few meme questions, Andrew "Jenkins" Jenkins asked Quinn what it was like to play with Rodrigo "LESLÃO" Santos and Arif "MSS" Anwar again. Quinn said, "It's nice to be back with them. Things felt very natural, cause you know we played together for a long time right? It was like sliding back into an old routine and I think all of us sort of grew during the time period."

He continued "I think Mojo (MSS) grew in the off time, Lelis did as well. I think me and YawaR did. Coming back together things have helped better then they did before because all us in our own ways and directions have improved as individuals. That helps the team and everyone is better."

NA power rankings

Ephey followed up asking about who Quinn felt was the going to be the most challenging opponent in this tour and if he thought today would have been a 2-0. Quinn responded: "I definitely did not expect today to be a 2-0. I think we had drafts in both games we were pretty happy with, especially the second game I was like super happy with the second game draft. But I think, realistically it's like EG, TSM, I mean EG is sort of a wildcard, cause they just got a new player and their performance has been very varied."

Quinn followed up: "Nouns is better than they have ever been before, as evidenced by them beating EG. As opposed to prior seasons where it was just like the three teams, I think it's much more competitive than before, by a significant margin. NA will actually be more interesting for that reason, because I think all the Nouns' series will be quite close."

"I think it's nice to be back with them. I think things felt very natural, cause you know we played together for a long time right?"

Quinn on getting the squad back together

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