After a marathon series, Quincy Crew’s MiLAN reflected on the games, 4 Zoomers sportsmanship and how the team faces challenges.

A landmark match between Quincy Crew and 4 Zoomers was the only match in NA going on this evening, and it was a marquee matchup. The Zoomers proved that they could play with the top dogs in the region in brutally long almost 5 hour series.

76 minutes later, QC clinch out a win in Game 1

Game one was the longest of the tournament so far. The Zoomers were in the drivers seat for most of the game. Nicolas "Gunnar" Lopez had an almost flawless game on Zeus, dealing massive damage. He was covered expertly by the blinks and stuns from the Dragon Knight of David "Moo" Hull. It didn't help that Quinn "Quinn" Callahan was having a rough game on an unusual hero for him, Pangolier.

Moo consistently stunned and shut down Quinn, who was Quincy's main initiator. However, Maurice "KheZu" Gutmann's Venomancer and Milan "MiLAN" Kozomara's Lina were able to hold down the fort with burst and over time damage. Some indecisive decision around the Roshan pit stalled out the game immensely, with both teams dancing around each other. It was close right up until the end of the game. After almost 76 minutes, tier 5 neutral items, and a Divine Rapier buy, Yawar "YawaR" Hassan's Terrorblade pumped out too much damage and destroyed the Zoomer's base.

The Bear brings the pain

Game two was markedly more one-sided. 4 Zoomers played with a more unconventional draft. This time they picked up a mid Lone Druid and a carry Dawnbreaker. Gunnar continued his streak of domination in this series, putting the team on his back.

His itemization with Mask of Madness and the Orchid helped him to be a play maker and make space for his carry to farm. Again, though on one of signature heroes, Ember Spirit, Quinn again had a rough game.

The combination of the sustain from the Guilherme Silva "Costabile" Costábile, Dawnbreaker plus the Lone Druid damage sent Quincy packing.

Zoomers show great sportsmanship, use their pause for opponents

In the final third game, it was another long haul, clocking in at almost an hour. This time, YaWar put the team on his back as the Phantom Assassin. Coupled with great setups from KheZu on the Tidehunter and MiLAN on the Hoodwink, they were able to pick off and blow up heroes. The game almost came to an unceremonious end when KheZu's internet gave out.

However, after QC's pause time ran out, the Zoomers offered up 5 minutes of their own time in a great display of sportsmanship. This allowed KheZu to get back in the game. Eventually QC used their superior buyback statuses to win the game.

MiLAN: What game 1?

In a post game interview, MiLAN was asked about what he thought about the first massively long game. He responded that couldn't remember much about the game and that he couldn't even remember what hero he played. It was after all, a long time ago since the series started.

When asked about how they felt about dealing with the Lone Druid, MiLAN said that they had some bad matchups for it in game two. He remarked on how he remembered Max "qojqva" Bröcker was always picking up the hero in matchups against Ember Spirit.

MiLAN felt they still could have won the game if they hadn't played as sloppy. He noted that he thought they picked much better counters to the hero in game three, with the better Phantom Assassin matchup.

Keeping motivated

When you play a series for 5 hours, you really really want the win

Quincy MiLAN

MiLAN also gave a shout out to the Zoomers for pausing the game for them. He said that the team expected the Zoomers to pause for them because they "knew they were all good guys." Though MiLAN believed that they still would have won even if KheZu hadn't come back.

He figured that because of their buyback advantage, stand in Arif "MSS" Anwar would have been able to effectively micro the Tidehunter and win.

When asked about keeping energy up in such a long series, MiLAN talked about how it's almost a necessity and not that hard to do even during long games. He stated that "when you play a series for 5 hours, you really want to win."

The series win puts QC at a 2-0 record and with Zoomers at a 1-1 record. how will these teams continue to perform moving forward. Stick with us here at to find out!