Here is a list of all unreleased and upcoming characters in Zenless Zone Zero!

The new miHoYo title, Zenless Zone Zero, had its big launch today on July 4th. The game initially comes with 17 playable Agents but as gacha games go, the pool of playable units are only going to expand from here. It's very important for players to keep on the lookout for upcoming characters so we can plan our pulls better. So here are all upcoming characters in Zenless Zone Zero!

A list of all upcoming characters in Zenless Zone Zero:

  • Zhu Yuan - N.E.P.S
  • Qingyi - N.E.P.S
  • Seth Lowell - N.E.P.S
  • Jane Doe - N.E.P.S
  • Hoshimi Miyabi - Section 6
  • Tsukishiro Yanagi - Section 6
  • Asaba Harusama - Section 6
  • Lighter - Sons of Calydon
  • Caesar - Sons of Calydon
  • Burnice - Sons of Calydon
  • Three unnamed Agents - Virtual Idol

N.E.P.S Upcoming Characters: Zhu Yuan, QingYi and two Agents

Zhu Yuan is the next upcoming character in Zenless Zone Zero. She is the team leader of the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team of the New Eridu Public Security (N.E.P.S) - a Faction in Zenless Zone Zero.

Zhu Yuan is the second Agent with the Ether Attribute who specializes in Attack style combat. She will be a featured Agent on her limited-time banner "Unswerving Bullets". You can anticipate Zhu Yuan's release on July 24 alongside the "Unswerving Bullets" banner!

Another upcoming character in Zenless Zone Zero is Qingyi, who comes from the same Faction as Zhu Yuan. She appeared in Zhu Yuan's introduction video and will likely arrive soon to accompany her in the N.E.P.S Faction.

The pre-release livestream also subtly showed two other Agents in the N.E.P.S Faction. One is recently confirmed to be Seth Lowell, an Electric male Support Agent. The other is leaked to be Jane Doe, a potential S-Rank Agent with Physical Attribute.

Section 6 Upcoming Characters: Hoshimi Miyabi, Yanagi, and Harusama

Hoshimi Miyabi is one of the more known upcoming character in Zenless Zone Zero. She comes from the Hollow Special Operations Section 6 (Section 6, for short) Faction and is a part of a renowned martial arts family. She possesses the Ice Attribute and will likely bring a Slash-type combat in Hollow Zero with touches of her martial art prowess.

Once released, she will join Soukaku in Section 6. Two more Section 6 members have also been teased in the pre-release livestream. The first is a female Agent with pink-haired ponytail, Tsukishiro Yanagi. The other Section 6 member is Asaba Harumasa, a potential S-Rank Agent.

Two Sons of Calydon Agents

There are currently two playable Agents from the Sons of Calydon Faction - Lucy and Piper Wheel. These two are newly introduced characters, thus their other Faction members may follow up a little later. The release trailer showed three more Sons of Calydon Agents.

The first upcoming character from this Faction is leaked to be Lighters. He is seen with green hair and a spiked, red collar, riding a motorbike next to Lucy. Another Agent is subtly shown on the other side, with white hair and sunglasses. She looks similar to Lucy and Piper, her Faction mates. Leaks call her Burnice, a potential Fire Attribute Agent that specializes in Anomaly.

Another new character is shown right after, a female Agent with shoulder-length white hair. Leaks mention her name as Caesar and she will potentially be a Physical Attribute character with Defense playstyle.

Three "Virtual Idol" Agents

The pre-release livestream also previewed a new Faction with a temporary name - "Virtual Idol". This likely comprises singers, songwriters, and overall entertainers that reflect idols and even Vtubers. The tease revealed three upcoming "Virtual Idol" Agents.

(Image credit: 上官皖鱼)
(Image credit: 上官皖鱼)

Although unnamed, leaks state that their names are as follows:

  • Rokudu Sariel
  • Chinatsu Remiel
  • Yutane Johiel

That's the complete list of unreleased or upcoming characters (Agents) in Zenless Zone Zero - at least that we know of. Anticipate more leaks and information to come out as the game moves towards its next update. We'll likely see new Agents enter New Eridu very soon!