Qingyi is an upcoming character in ZZZ who has appeared many times alongside Zhu Yuan. Find out more about QingYi and her potential release date here!

Qingyi is one of the upcoming characters in Zenless Zone Zero. If you've played the game and explored many of its stories, you would have stumbled across Qingyi in multiple cutscenes. But who exactly is Qingyi and when is her release date?

When is Qingyi's release date?

At the time of writing, Qingyi's release date has yet to be revealed. MiHoYo has confirmed that she'll join the lineup of Agents in Zenless Zone Zero, but Qingyi's arrival still does not have a specific date.

We can safely assume that Qingyi will release in the next update, Zenless Zone Zero 1.1. If we follow the banner-cycle, the 1.1 update will likely be on August 14th, more than a month from now. Another Agent that is speculated to drop in the next update is the popular Hoshimi Miyabi.

Qingyi Introduction

A picture of Qingyi (left) and Zhu Yuan (right).
A picture of Qingyi (left) and Zhu Yuan (right).

QingYi is a supposed Electric Agent that comes from the N.E.P.S (New Eridu Public Security) Faction. She is often paired up with Zhu Yuan as they patrol around New Eridu to save those in danger.

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Qingyi's Voiceline

Although miHoYo did not directly state it, Qingyi is pretty much guaranteed to be an android. Her voicelines indicate that she has language modules programmed into her. The citizens of New Eridu also call her a machine.

Qingyi and Zhu Yuan saved Belle from an accident.
Qingyi and Zhu Yuan saved Belle from an accident.

She's seen in multiple cutscenes with Zhu Yuan, one of them when they saved Belle from getting hit by a car. Qingyi rarely speaks but is quick and rigorous in action. There is no much information available about Qingyi for now, as she wasn't among the Agents tested during CBTs (Closed Beta Tests).

Qingyi's Weapon

Qingyi's weapon in ZZZ.
Qingyi's weapon in ZZZ.

During the cutscenes, we can see Qingyi wielding a long spear-like weapon infused with electrical element. She uses this during fights and battles. It also seems like she can deflect attacks by spinning her weapon, as seen in one of the cutscenes.

Qingyi's Voice Actor

The English Voice Actor for Qingyi is Kira Buckland.

The American voice actress has dubbed many notable roles in video games including Kuki Shinobu in Genshin Impact and Jane in Tekken 8. She's also done a lengthy-list of animation voice acting that also includes prominent titles like Demon Slayer, Tower of God, and Violet Evergarden.

And that is all the character information for Qingyi in ZZZ that we have so far. As the game nears its next update, we'll likely hear more about the android including its rarity, skills, and talents! So make sure to stick around esports.gg for the latest ZZZ updates.