S-Rank Agent Zhu Yuan is coming to New Eridu soon. Here is her release date and banner details!

Zhu Yuan is an upcoming Agent in Zenless Zone Zero who will be featured on her own exclusive banner, or Exclusive Channel, as referred to in-game. She will enter New Eridu as one of the hottest and best Agents in terms of gameplay.

Who is Zhu Yuan in Zenless Zone Zero?

Zhu Yuan is an S-Rank Agent with a rare Ether Attribute. She is the second Agent to have the Ether Attribute only next to Nicole Demara. Zhu Yuan is a team leader from the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team of the New Eridu's Public Security, which is also her Faction.

She specializes in Attack Style combat and can be an incredible asset against Ethereals. We have also ranked her as an S-Tier Agent - a highly valuable addition to your squad.

Here's when Zhu Yuan will come out and all her banner details that you need to know!

When is Zhu Yuan's release date?

ZZZ will release Zhu Yuan on July 24, 2024.

The new Agent will drop alongside her banner which you can access via the Exclusive Signal Search Channel. From the time of writing, Zhu Yuan is set to release in 19 more days. Make sure to mark your calendars for Zhu Yuan's release date!

What is Zhu Yuan's Banner?

Zhu Yuan will be the featured Agent on the "Unswerving Bullets" banner or channel. You can find her banner through the Exclusive Channel - which means that Zhu Yuan's banner has a limited time and will expire, unlike the banner in the Standard Channel. You can only pull for Zhu Yuan on her featured banner.

On Zhu Yuan's "Unswerving Bullets" banner, there will also be two featured A-Rank Agents - Nicole Demara and Ben Bigger. This means that there are higher chances for you to pull these Agents when pulling an A-Rank.

Other Agents in the "Unswerving Bullets" banner includes:

  • S-Rank: Nekomata, Lycaon, Soldier 11, Koleda, Grace, Rina
  • A-Rank: Anby, Billy, Anton, Corin, and Soukaku

There are no S-Rank W-Engines in the banner but plenty of A-Ranks.

"Unswerving Bullets" gacha explained

  • S-Rank pull rate: Agent (0.6%) [Guaranteed after 90 Signal Searches]
  • A-Rank pull rate: Agent (7.05%) W-Engine (2.35%) [Guaranteed after 10 Signal Searches]
  • B: W-Engines (90%)

If you successfully pull an S-Rank Agent and it is not Zhu Yuan, the next S-Rank that you get will be a guaranteed Zhu Yuan. The same applies to the A-Rank characters. If you don't pull either Nicole or Ben, your next A-Rank is guaranteed to be either both of them.

Will you wait to pull for Zhu Yuan, or are you opting for Ellen Joe of the Victoria Housekeeping Faction? Both Agents are high on our ZZZ Tierlist, so make your decisions wisely!

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