Here are all of the free Agents you can get in ZZZ, including most of Cunning Hares!

Planning to be a F2P player in Zenless Zone Zero? Here are all of the free characters in Zenless Zone Zero.

ZZZ Free Characters / Agents

As of ZZZ version 1.0, players get a total of six free characters, or Agents as they are referred to in-game.

  • Billy Kid (A-rank Physical Attack)
  • Anby Demara (A-rank Electric Stun)
  • Nicole Demara (A-rank Ether Support)
  • Corin Wickes (A-rank Physical Attack)
  • Soukaku (A-rank Ice Support)
  • Ben Bigger (A-rank Fire Defense)

Billy Kid, Anby Demara, and Nicole Demara are all acquired for free near the start of the game. They are the first characters you enter combat as. They are all A-rank characters and members of the Cunning Hares.

Corin Wickes is an A-rank Agent in ZZZ that players get for free as a pre-registration reward. Claim your free Corin via the in-game mail.

Soukaku is another free A-rank Agent. Get her via the "Eridu Frontier" in-game event. This event requires you to unlock Shiyu Defense after beginning the Main Story Chapter 2 - Intermission. Thus, to claim your free Soukaku, simply keep progressing in the Main Story.

Ben Bigger is acquired for free by progressing in the Main Story. You can get him after you hit Inter-Knot level 26, talking to Belle/Wise, and then opening Ben's message.

Free character Ben Bigger in ZZZ (screenshot via
Free character Ben Bigger in ZZZ (screenshot via

Free S-rank Characters in ZZZ

Technically, you are guaranteed a free S-rank character in ZZZ. After claiming the free Master Tapes from the game's launch events and redeem codes, you can roll on the Stable Channel banner. You can amass more than enough Master Tapes doing this.

Within 50 rolls, you are guaranteed a random S-rank character from the Standard Pool which consists of the following characters:

  • Grace Howard (S-rank Electric Anomaly)
  • Alexandrina Sebastiane (S-rank Electric Support)
  • Koleda Belobog (S-rank Fire Stun)
  • Nekomiya Mana (S-rank Physical Attack)
  • Soldier 11 (S-rank Fire Attack)
  • Von Lycaon (S-rank Ice Stun)

After you get your S-rank, the banner will return to the normal 90-pull pity.

Once you reach 300 pulls in the Standard Banner, you're eligible to choose one out of the six above.

The S-rank Agent selector in ZZZ (screenshot via
The S-rank Agent selector in ZZZ (screenshot via

And that is all the free characters you can get in Zenless Zone Zero. Stick around for more ZZZ updates!