Here is every Faction in Zenless Zone Zero and their respective Agents.

Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ), the new RPG game, has just released a trailer showcasing all the Factions and Agents within the game. The game represents a new era in New Eridu, where every Agent's role is just as crucial as the next when it comes to fighting Hollows and more.

Hollows are dark dimensions that appear out of thin air and swallow everything they touch. So, well-equipped Factions are a must in this game.

Here is a list of all the Factions with their respective Agents in Zenless Zone Zero.

Every Faction in Zenless Zone Zero

Factions in ZZZ are all different groups/organizations made up of many playable characters. Similar to a "Class" in other games, choosing your Faction will help players decide what type of playstyle they will take on the game with.

There are currently seven ZZZ Factions.

Every Faction in Zenless Zone Zero:

  • Belobog Heavy Industries
  • Criminal Investigation Special Response Team
  • Cunning Hares
  • OBOLS Squad
  • Section 6
  • Sons of Calydon
  • Victoria Housekeeping

Here is a description of every Faction in Zenless Zone Zero and their respective members.

Belobog Heavy Industries

Belobog Heavy Industries is a construction-based Faction in ZZZ. The organization is made up of different construction workers, skilled in the art of building and fighting. Belobog Heavy Industries uses a form of smart construction machinery when battling.

The organization specializes in Hollows, as all the members are also certified Hollow Investigators.

Every ZZZ Agent in the Belobog Heavy Industries Faction:

  • Anton Ivanov
  • Ben Bigger
  • Grace Howard
  • Koleda Belobog

Criminal Investigation Special Response Team

The Criminal Investigation Special Response Team Faction in ZZZ is a crime-fighting/investigating organization. The Faction is very police-orientated and currently only has one playable member.

Little is known about this Zenless Zone Zero Faction, other than that they are dispatched by New Eridu Public Security.

Every ZZZ Agent in the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team Faction:

  • Zhu Yuan

Cunning Hares

While this ZZZ Faction is technically referred to as "Gentle House," the founder, Nicole, likes to call it Cunning Hares instead. It has a bit of a better ring to it, wouldn't you say? This human resource dispatch agency currently has four playable members in Zenless Zone Zero.

This Faction is crafty, thus awarding them the street nickname of Cunning Hares. The organization mainly deals with Hollows and has a wide range of impressive abilities.

Every ZZZ Agent in the Cunning Hares Faction:

  • Anby Demara
  • Billy Kid
  • Nekomiya Mana
  • Nicole Demara


The OBOLS Squad is a military faction in Zenless Zone Zero. Made up of a special-forces defense team, the Faction currently only has one playable member, who is also the head of the squad.

Little is known about the OBOLS Squad at this time, other than the fact that the Faction is tied to the New Eridu Defense Force Osidian Division.

Every ZZZ Agent in the OBOLS Squad Faction:

  • Soldier 11

Section 6

Also known as Hollow Special Operations Section 6 (H.S.O.S.6), the Section 6 Faction in Zenless Zone Zero is one of the top frontline operational units employed by the Special Operations Department of Hollow Special Operations.

This Special Operations Faction primarily deals with Hollow disasters. They are usually found in high-risk Hollow events, using cutting-edge technology and skills that many other Factions do not possess.

The Faction currently only has two playable members.

Every ZZZ member in the Section 6 Faction:

  • Hoshimi Miyabi
  • Soukaku

Victoria Housekeeping

Victoria Housekeeping Co. is another human resources dispatch agency that is made up of housekeepers modeled after different horror creatures within Western film culture (Frankenstein, Werewolf, etc.).

The Faction has an exceptionally wide range of services, all considered to be incredibly high service.

The Faction currently has four playable members.

Every ZZZ Agent in the Victora Housekeeping Faction:

  • Alexandrina Sebastiane
  • Corine Wickes
  • Ellen Joe
  • Von Lycaon

Other playable Agents

Zenless Zone Zero also has two additional playable characters that are not a part of any of these factions. These protagonists, though, are just as skilled as many of the other playable characters, so do not take their abilities lightly.

Additional ZZZ playable Agents:

  • Belle
  • Wise

Upcoming playable Agents

Zenless Zone Zero also plans to release more playable characters in the future. As of now, we have three new players confirmed.

Confirmed upcoming ZZZ playable Agents:

  • Hoshimi Miyabi
  • Luciana Auxesis Theodoro de Montefio
  • Piper Wheel

We should more than likely see additional characters be added to the list above as time goes on.

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