Already one of the more popular Agents in Zenless Zone Zero – here’s all you need to know about Von Lycaon.

Von Lycaon is one of the playable Agents in Zenless Zone Zero. The wolf-like hero is incredibly popular - in and outside of the game. But what makes this Agent so intriguing and will you pull for the notorious Lycaon? Read all about Von Lycaon's skills, talents, and how to obtain him via the Signal Search (aka banner).

Von Lycaon bio: Rank, Attribute, and more

Von Lycaon is an S-rank Agent who possesses the Ice Attribute. He has an overall calm demeanor, but in battle, he brings powerful and sharp moves with a satisfying touch of elegance. The Agent uses his strong fists to deliver Striking punches and Stuns. But his signature move lies in his strong kicks using his robotic leg.

  • S-Rank
  • Ice Attribute
  • Stun & Strike Style

Von Lycaon's Base Stats in Zenless Zone Zero:

PEN Ratio
Anomaly Mastery
Anomaly Proficiency
Energy Regen

Von Lycaon Voice Actors

  • English: Nicholas Thurkettle
  • Chinese: Wang Yuhang
  • Japanese: Kobayashi Chikahiro

Von Lycaon Faction - Victoria Housekeeping

Lycaon comes from the Victoria Housekeeping Faction, a human resource dispatch agency. The Victoria Housekeeping Faction fields a range of Agents who are old-school domestic helpers that are also very capable in Hollow battles. In the Faction, Von Lycaon serves alongside Agents Alexandrina Sebastiane, Corin Wickes, and Ellen Joe.

Von Lycaon Banner

You can obtain Von Lycaon via all Zenless Zone Zero banners except for the Bangboo and W-Engines banner. You can go for the Stable Channel' banner 's "Star-Studded Cast banner" and even the banners featuring Ellen Joe and Zhu Yuan. To pull from the Agent banners, you will need Master Tapes.

Von Lycaon Skills


  • [Basic Attack] Moon Hunter: Unleashes up to 5 strikes dealing Physical Damage. Hold down to charge up the power of the attack and deal Ice Damage.
  • [Special Attack] Chase of the Hunt: Unleashes a series of strikes to deal Ice Damage. Hold down to increase power.
  • [EX Special Attack] Thrill of the Hunt: Unleashes a series of powerful strikes to deal Ice Damage. Hold down to increase the power of the attack and consume energy. Lycaon is invulnerable while performing this attack.


  • [Dodge] Suitable Positioning: A rapid dodge.
  • [Dash Attack] Keep it Clean: Press during dodge to activate a series of slashing attack forward dealing Physical Damage.
  • [Dodge Counter] Etiquette Manual: Press during a perfect dodge to activate a series of slashing attack forward dealing Ice Damage.


  • [Chain Attack] As You Wish: When triggered and you select Lycaon as the Agent to activate, he will unleash a series of powerful strikes to the enemy, dealing Ice Damage.
  • [Ultimate] Mission Complete: When Decibel Rating is at maximum, you can activate Mission Complete. This will let Lycaon unleash multiple powerful strikes to the enemy in a massive area and deal Ice Damage. Daze (immobilizing enemy) dealt increases by 10%.


  • [Core Passive] Metallic Paws: When Lycaon completes charging of a Basic Attack, the attack deals 6% increased Daze.
  • [Additional Ability] Elegant Predator: At least 2 Ice Attribute Agents in squad = When Lycaon uses a Chain Attack, the entire squad generates 2 energy. At least 1 Strike and 1 Slash Agents in squad =
    When Lycaon’s Dodge Counter hits an enemy, the next EX Special Attack deals 22% increased Daze.


  • [Reactive Assist] Wolf Pack: When character is knocked back, activate skill to strike enemies in front and deal Ice Damage.
  • [Defensive Assist] Disrupted Hunt: When about to be attacked, activate this spell. You will fend off the attack and deal massive Daze to enemy.
  • [Assist Follow-Up] Vengeful Counterattack: Activate this spell after a Defensive Assist. This will create icicles in front, dealing Ice Damage to affected enemies.

Von Lycaon Talents

A [Full Moon Momentum]
When Lycaon completes charging a Special Attack or EX Special Attack, the attack will deal 10% increased Daze. Can trigger once every 3.6s.
B [Energy Feedback]
When stunning an enemy or triggering a squad member’s Chain Attack, Lycaon gains 3.6 energy. Can trigger once every 1s.
C [Attendant Training]
All skill levels +2
D [Graceful Demeanor]
If attacked while charging or during a charged attack, Lycaon will gain a 7.5% max HP Shield, lasting for 5s His Anti-Interrupt is increased for the Shield’s duration. Can trigger once every 15s.
E [Alpha Nature]
All skill levels +2
F [Ruthless Hunter]
When a charged attack hits an enemy, the target suffers a 5% increased Daze for Lycaon, stacking up to 5 times and lasting 12s. Only one stack can be gained per skill use, and repeated triggers reset the duration.

That sums up all we know about Von Lycaon in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). The Agent will be immediately available in all banners during game launch on July 4. Make sure to keep up with more Zenless Zone Zero news and updates here on!