Curious to what the Pity System is in Zenless Zone Zero?

If Zenless Zone Zero is your first Gacha game, then you may be new to HoYoverse's Pity System, which began back with the Genshin Impact in 2020. The popular system helps ensure players who spend money on Banners are awarded rare characters.

So, what exactly is the Pity System in Zenless Zone Zero? And how does it work?

The Pity System in Zenless Zone Zero explained

While it has been modified over the last few games, the Pity System in Gacha titles essentially makes sure that gamers are awarded a rare skin the more they purchase Banners. Unlike games such as Counter-Strike 2, where rare pulls are never guaranteed, Zenless Zone Zero has pity on those looking to spend all their money on the game.

While Genshin Impact's Pity System was a bit different, Zenless Zone Zero's is close to identical to Honkai: Star Rail.

So how does it work?

S-rank Agents are the rarest Agents a player could pull, with A-ranks being just below them. The Pity System in Zenless Zone Zero does not necessarily make it easy for people to pull these higher ranks but ensures them at least ONE the more they continue to pull from Banners.

Players are guaranteed to pull an A-rank Agent every 10 pulls. This is not a part of the Pity System. The game's Pity System kicks in at around 75 pulls.

When pulling from Banners, there is a 0.6% chance that a player will pull an S-rank Agent. After they hit 75 pulls, the Pity System begins, where each pull that is not an S-rank Agent will slightly heighten the chances of the next pull being one.

Eventually, the Pity System kicks it up a notch, and players are guaranteed to pull an S-rank Agent at around 90 pulls.

Does "Pity" carry over between different Banners?

To an extent, yes, Pity does carry over between different Banners. They must be the same type, though. Opening up multiple Agent Banners will not carry over Pity to W-Engine Banners.

While S-rank pulls are guaranteed, make sure to spend your money accordingly and responsibly.

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