Will gamers be able to download Zenless Zone Zero on Steam?

When navigating the PC gaming world, many titles are first released on Steam. Some, though, end up being released on different game launchers, such as Epic Games. So, what about Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)? Is the new Gacha game available on Steam? Or do you have to download it elsewhere?

Can you download Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) on Steam?

In short, no, Zenless Zone Zero is not available to download on Steam. While the new Gacha shooter will be available on various app stores for mobile, it will not be available on Steam for PC.

The game will be downloadable on HoYoPlay, HoYoverse's game launcher. While some might not like the idea of having to download a new launcher, there are plenty of other games that you may want to also check out on HoYoPlay.

Titles such as Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail and many other Gacha games are available on the popular launcher.

Make sure you check your device's requirements before downloading Zenless Zone Zero.

Will the game be available on the Epic Games launcher?

Sadly, no. Those who were hoping to download Zenless Zone Zero on the Epic Games launcher will have to cope the same as all the Steam users. Epic Games will not have Zenless Zone Zero in its launcher.

Downloading the HoYoPlay launcher, though, takes up very little space on one's computer. If you are looking to download the game via your mobile device, then you can do so in your designated app store.

Those playing on Xbox and PlayStation will have to download the game from the consoles' stores.

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