Miyabi is one of the upcoming characters of Zenless Zone Zero. Here’s all we know about her so far!

If you've been following Zenless Zone Zero for a while, you'll know of Hoshimi Miyabi's existence in the Hoyoverse - in fact, she's pretty popular. Miyabi is an unreleased Agent who first appeared during the CBT1 (Closed Beta Test 1) but was pulled out from the Agent pool in the next versions. So when is Hoshimi Miyabi's release date and what are her character details? We have the answers for you!

When is Hoshimi Miyabi's release date?

Hoshimi Miyabi's release date is currently not confirmed. But rumors say that Miyabi will release in the Zenless Zone Zero 1.1 update, which might come a month after launch. If we follow the banner-release cycle, the 1.1 update and Miyabi might come around mid-August or specifically August 14th. However, there is also a possibility that Miyabi releases in the 1.2 or 1.3 update, which will be months from now.

Miyabi was one of the most popular CBT Agents. But during the second Tuning Test and on release, she is not among the available Agents. A lot of people assume that she'll be a limited S-Rank Agent that will come with her own featured banner (or Exclusive Channel). However during the tests, she was introduced as an A-Rank Agent. So do take the assumptions with a pinch of salt.

Hoshimi Miyabi's Introduction

Based on her CBT1 appearance, there are details about her Faction, skills and overall gameplay. Miyabi is an Ice Attribute Agent who is the leader of Section 6 in Zenless Zone Zero. Miyabi is also a successor of a well-known martial arts family in New Eridu.

She wields a samurai as her weapon and can be seen infusing the sword with magical powers. With rapid and agile movement, she will also bring an Attack & Slash-type combat to the Hollows.

Hoshimi Miyabi's Voice Actors:

  • Chinese: Du Mingya
  • Japanese: Koshimizu Ami

Hoshimi Miyabi's Skills

Miyabi is an agile Agent that allows her to quickly deal multiple attacks. With a mix of her martial art background, Miyabi brings a unique twist to battles. Her kit focuses on building up both her Physical and Ice DMG. Her gameplay is pretty straightforward and during the CBT1 a lot of players agreed that she would be a powerful Agent.

Here are the complete skills for Miyabi in Zenless Zone Zero:


  • [Basic Attack] Kazahana: Unleashes up to 5 slashes - the first 3 deals Physical DMG and the rest deals Ice DMG. The fifth slash gives her a stack of Arcane Blade.
  • [Sub-attack] Shimotsuki: When Miyabi has 3 stacks of Arcane Blade, you can activate this skill. It will consume the Arcane Blade stacks to launch a more powerful slash with Ice DMG.


  • [Special Attack] Miyuki: Slashes enemies in a line to deal Ice DMG. The anti-interrupt level will increase when using this skill.
  • [EX Special Attack] Hanabira Yuki: When enough energy accumulates, you can activate this skill. It will spend Energy to unleash a very powerful slash at enemies in a circular area in front and deal Ice DMG. You will gain one stack of Arcane Blade when using this skill.


  • [Dodge] Mizutori: Press to perform a rapid dodge.
  • [Dash Attack] Fuyubachi: Press during a dodge to launch a slashing attack to enemies in front, dealing Physical DMG.
  • [Dodge Counter] Kan Suzume: Press during a perfect dodge to launch a slashing attack that deals Ice DMG. Gains you a stack of Arcane Blade.
Hoshimi Miyabi's Ultimate activation.
Hoshimi Miyabi's Ultimate activation.


  • [Chain Attack] Haru Tatsu: When Combo Attack is triggered, press Miyabi's icon to launch this Attack. It will unleash a series of powerful slashes in a large area, dealing massive Ice DMG.
  • [Ultimate] Nagori Yuki: When Miyabi's Decibel Rating hits 'Maximum' you can activate this spell to launch a powerful area-of-effect attack to deal Ice DMG.
  • [Assist Attack] Kashin-Fu: When character is knocked up, activate this spell to launch attack and deal Ice DMG.

Hoshimi Miyabi's Talents

A [Setsujo Ka-shimo]
Deals 28% more damage if Miyabi's Sub-Attack hits an enemy with below 50% HP.
B [Zanshin]
Maxes out Arcane Blade stacks when launching her Combo Attack or Ultimate.
C [Shino Breathing]
Increase Energy Recovery by 20% for 5s when launching a Sub-Attack.
D [Concentration]
Once Miyabi enters Sheathe stance, she gains 50% bonus CRIT chance when using her EX Special Attack within 0.5 seconds.

That is all that we know about Hoshimi Miyabi so far. A lot of players are already eager to see upcoming characters (Agents) in Zenless Zone Zero that will add the excitement in New Eridu. At the moment, a confirmed character lined up for release is Zhu Yuan. Read more about the Agent below!