Jane Doe is the supposed name for the upcoming character in Zenless Zone Zero. Here’s everything we know about her.

Zenless Zone Zero has a long list of upcoming characters and one of them is leaked to be an S-Rank Physical Anomaly Agent called Jane Doe. She is mostly addressed by players as "mouse girl" due to her mouse-like appearance. But what else do we know about Jane Doe in ZZZ?

NOTE: Most of the information here are based on speculations and leaks. It may not be accurate or changed when officially released.

When is Jane Doe's release date?

The upcoming Zenless Zone Zero character, Jane Doe, might release during the second-phase of the ZZZ 1.1 Update.

According to leaks, the first wave of 1.1 includes Qingyi as the featured Agent in the Exclusive Channel with A-Ranks Billy Kid and Anby Demara. During the second wave, Jane Doe is speculated to be be the featured S-Rank Agent with A-Ranks Seth and Corin Wickes.

Zenless Zone Zero Jane Doe Character Details

Jane Doe revealed in the official release teaser.
Jane Doe revealed in the official release teaser.

In the official release teaser, miHoYo showcased all present Factions including the New Eridu Public Security (N.E.P.S) Faction. One of the N.E.P.S members shown was a tall female character with dark, short hair.

Her most striking appearance is her long and slim tail, coupled with her rounded mouse-like ears. This led to a lot of players calling her "mouse girl". But recently, leakers have often addressed her as "Jane Doe". And no, this might not be just a random placeholder but potentially her actual name.

Jane Doe uses her tail to deal piercing attacks.
Jane Doe uses her tail to deal piercing attacks.

During her brief spotlight in the livestream, Jane Doe is seen without a physical weapon. Instead, she uses her tail that has a sharp edge or a knife to eliminate enemies. This could be the concept of her fighting style.

Leaked Skills and Gameplay

(Image via <a href="https://x.com/VonZenless/status/1810376795793043787">Mero</a>)
(Image via Mero)

A leak by VonZenless on X/Twitter describes Jane Doe's skills. She is leaked to be a Physical Attribute character with extremely high damage. Her kit is decorated with CRIT attacks and one of the Dodge skills even allow her to move through units. It seems like Jane Doe will be agile, flexible, and highly damaging in combat.

That sums up all the information that we know of Jane Doe or "mouse girl" in Zenless Zone Zero. Read more about Zenless Zone Zero upcoming characters and banners here. Stick around esports.gg for more ZZZ news and updates!