Here are all current and upcoming banners in Zenless Zone Zero!

The newly-released gacha game, Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) comes out blazing hot with many players already diving in. This massive miHoYo title offers unique combat in New Eridu, a world with chill and pleasing aesthetics. But for gacha game enjoyers, the hook of the game is of course, pulling for exclusive Agents and Weapons. So here are all active banners (aka Signal Search Channels) in Zenless Zone Zero.

Current banners in Zenless Zone Zero:

  • Ellen Banner: Mellow Waveride
  • W-Engine Banner: Dissonant Sonata
  • Standard Banner: Star-Studded Cast
  • Bangboo Banner: An Outstanding Partner

Ellen Joe Banner: Mellow Waveride

The Exclusive Channel hosts a limited-time banner, usually featuring high-rarity and valuable Agents. To pull on this banner, you need to use the Encrypted Master Tapes currency. Currently, we have the Mellow Waveride banner which features the S-Rank Agent, Ellen Joe. She possesses the Ice Attribute and comes from the Victoria Housekeeping Faction.

On this banner, you have an increased chance of getting Ellen Joe for an S-Rank Agent. The featured A-Rank Agents are Anton Ivanov and Soukaku. This means that if you pull an A-Rank Agent, you will likely get one of these two.

Featured Agents
Ellen Joe
Victoria Housekeeping
Anton Ivanov
Belobog Heavy Industries
Section 6

Ellen's banner lasts from July 4 until July 24 - when her banner will be replaced by Zhu Yuan's banner, Unswerving Bullets.

Ellen Joe W-Engine Banner: Dissonant Sonata

The current W-Engine banner is called Dissonant Sonata. This banner features an S-Rank W-Engine, Deep Sea Visitor, which takes the shape of a shark. This is obviously Ellen's featured weapon as it fits her shark theme.

On this banner, you have an increased chance of getting the Deep Sea Visitor signal. Other than that, there are high chances for you to pull A-Rank Engines, Red Axis and Bashful Demon.

Featured W-Engines
Deep Sea Visitor
Red Axis
Bashful Demon

This W-Engine banner lasts from July 4 until July 24 - to be replaced with Zhu Yuan's W-Engine banner.

Standard Banner: Star-Studded Cast

The Stable Channel provides the Standard banner called the "Star-Studded Cast". This is a permanent banner that allows you to pull for the available Agents and W-Engines whenever you want. This banner offers the entire basic Agents lineup. To pull from this banner, you need to use Master Tapes.

Anby Demara
Soldier 11
Koleda Belobog
Anton Ivanov
Grace Howard
Ben Bigger
Rina Sebastiane
Corin Wickes

Bangboo Banner: An Outstanding Partner

This is a special banner that you don't see in other gacha games. "An Outstanding Partner" is a Bangboo-only banner that uses a different currency. To pull for different Bangboos, you must use Boopons. It currently features the Butler as its S-Rank Bangboo. The rate-up A-Rank Bangboos as Penguinboo and Devilboo.

And that sums up all the current banners in Zenless Zone Zero. Stick around for more ZZZ news and updates.