You can collect different types of Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero to help buff you in battle! Get to know Bangboos and how to obtain them here.

The Hoyoverse brings a fresh concept and a range of unique characters to its newest gacha title, Zenless Zone Zero. While the game offers Agents and many other obtainable items, Zenless Zone Zero also has Bangboos. But what exactly are Bangboos and how do you obtain them?

What are ZZZ Bangboos?

Bangboos are not only the mascot of Zenless Zone Zero, but also a useful companion in battle. They often look like tiny androids with an adorable pair of bunny ears. In the game, you will see many types of Bangboos spread across the world, some as delivery services, some as cashiers, and more.

In Zenless Zone Zero, you battle with a party of three Agents, but there is also a slot for a Combat Bangboo. You may select a Bangboo of your choice - all featuring different perks and benefits - to help buff you during commissions.

The Combat Bangboos can sometimes contribute an active spell, and most of the times a passive buff - depending on the type of Bangboo. You cannot control your Bangboo during battle and they will just do their own thing on the sidelines. Much like Agents and Weapons, Bangboos are upgradable.

Bangboo rarity and skills

There are three rarities to Bangboos: S-rank, A-rank, and B-rank. The S-rank Bangboos have the highest rarity and bring the best buffs to your party. Meanwhile, the B-rank and A-rank are the more common ones to receive.

For example below, Sharkboo is an S-rank Bangboo that deals Ice Damage. It has two skills, A and B. The A skill is called Drylands Shark Hunt which is an Active Skill that lets it plant a damaging trap onto enemies. Meanwhile, its B skill is a passive buff that makes it deal more damage based on how many Ice Attribute characters you have in your squad. Some other Bangboos have a C Skill, while some don't.

How to obtain Bangboos

Obtaining Bangboos are similar to how you obtain new Agents and W-Engines (weapons). You can get a new Bangboo by pulling on their specific banners - or in Zenless Zone Zero, are called Signal Searches. The Signal Search to get Bangboos is called "An Outstanding Partner".

This Bangboo specific banner requires Boopons for every pull. You can get Boopons by completing special commissions and playing specific game modes. It is likely that miHoYo will make Boopons easier to obtain once Zenless Zone Zero launches on July 4.

That sums up what Bangboos are in Zenless Zone Zero! It will be a delight to collect the little droids, especially with the many different types and benefits they offer.

Zenless Zone Zero will be available for pre-registration on July 2. You can start warming up to the game by getting to know the list of Agents and the different types of Factions! Stick around for more Zenless Zone Zero news and updates!