Seth Lowell is an upcoming character in Zenless Zone Zero. Here’s all that we know about Seth so far!

Zenless Zone Zero officially introduces Seth Lowell, an upcoming character from the Criminal Investigation Special Response team. He will likely arrive soon in ZZZ's next banners. Here's all you need to know about Seth in Zenless Zone Zero, including his release date and character details.

When is Seth's release date?

At the time of writing, Seth's release date is not confirmed. But leaks reveal that Seth will release in the Zenless Zone Zero 1.2 update, which may arrive in late September. He is speculated to enter New Eridu alongside another N.E.P.S member, Jane Doe.

Who is Seth in Zenless Zone Zero?

Seth is a speculated A-Rank upcoming character in Zenless Zone Zero. Leaks mention that Seth will be an Electric Attribute Agent who specializes in Defense, which means he will be a supporting character. He was first seen in the Official Release Teaser alongside the N.E.P.S Faction, though very subtly shown. The lean character has an eye-catching pair of white cat ears and a bushy tail.

Seth Lowell Voice Actor

The English voice actor for Seth Lowell is Nazeeh Tarsha. The Palestinian-Syrian voice actor dubbed many notable animation series including Uri Reis in Attack on Titan, Kosei Tsuburaba in My Hero Academia, and Kafka Hibino in Kaiju No. 8. But his most notable role in the gacha community is Alhaitham from Genshin Impact. The Chinese and Japanese VA for Seth Lowell has not been revealed.

Skills and Gameplay

VonZenless on X/Twitter (also crediting Mero) revealed Seth's leaked skills. He is an Agent that can deal plenty of Electric DMG but also provide helpful shields and buffs to allies. With at least two Agents with the same Electric Attribute, Seth reduces the enemy's resistance to ALL Attributes by 20%.

That sums up all character information that we know about Seth Lowell. Will you choose him as your designated supporting Agent? You can read more about upcoming characters in Zenless Zone Zero here. Stick around for more ZZZ news and updates!