Malaysia takes Gold in Women’s Dota 2 at the Commonwealth Esports Championships cover image

Malaysia takes Gold in Women’s Dota 2 at the Commonwealth Esports Championships


Malaysia’s Dota 2 women’s team toppled England, defeating the home nation to claim victory in the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championship

Malaysia’s Dota 2 Women’s Team have defeated England in the finals of the Commonwealth Esports Championships to take home a gold medal. The Malaysian team handled the English Women’s team in two straight games, winning the best-of-three matchup 2-0. 
With the win, Malaysia’s women took home the Gold Medal in inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championships, leaving England with the Silver. Singapore took Bronze, having defeated Australia earlier in the day.
The Malaysian team of Shizuma, HG, Aurora, Nada, and IStarx took down the English team of Gimmick, Karenlyl, Bellemiku, Ruby, and Always-Changing in a fiercely competitive series. Malaysia started out confident with scaling Medusa comp, supported by the dangerous Timbersaw of Shizuma. But England were able to scupper the scaling of the snake-haired carry for much of the match. Their raw damage, thanks to the persistent attacks of Zeus and Shadow Shaman slowed the Malaysians to a crawl. But even slowing down Medusa wasn’t enough, with England falling after a hard-fought game.
For the second game, England opted for game-changing potential, putting star-player Ruby on Tiny. But even with the huge physical damage of the diminutive golem, and the toss-back potential, Malaysia once again had a deadly carry in their midst. This time it was the Alchemist, just like many games with Alchemist in them, it was only a matter of time. England found themselves forced onto the high ground and pummelled by Malaysia, but made them pay for every inch. Ultimately, Englands run would end with them in high spirits, spamming voice lines all the way.

A Historic Day for Malaysia and Women's Dota

Malaysia’s victory was the culmination of the first day of the Commonwealth Esports Championships that saw the Open Rocket League, Open eFootball, and Women’s Dota 2 events come to their close. Malaysia took home a pair of golds, winning in the Women’s Dota 2 and Open eFootball.
Tomorrow (August 7th) will see the women get their chance to take home some medals in Rocket League and eFootball. Then in the afternoon, New Zealand and India will face off in the Dota 2 Open for Bronze, while in the evening, England will again face Malaysia in the Grand Final of the Open Dota 2. Will Malaysia prove their dominance in Dota, or will England be able to stop them in their tracks?
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