Here’s everything you need to know about the BetBoom Dacha Dubai!

BetBoom Dacha Dubai, the first of its series in 2024, arrives with bigger and better setting. The tournament offers a million dollars in prize money alongside a hefty 1v1 bounty for the best individual to grab. Read more about BetBoom Dacha Dubai's teams, schedule, livestreams, and more below!

The finals of BetBoom Dacha Dubai is currently ongoing. Click below to keep track of the livescore, drafts, and more game stats!

Where to watch

We have embedded the main Twitch stream for your convenience above! You can also find other live matches on BetBoom's official Twitch channels: RU BetBoom, EN BetBoom 2, and, RU BetBoom 2.

BetBoom Dacha teams

Team Spirit is one of the invited teams at the upcoming BetBoom Dacha in February 2024.<br>(Photo via Valve)
Team Spirit is one of the invited teams at the upcoming BetBoom Dacha in February 2024.
(Photo via Valve)
  • Team Spirit
  • Team Liquid
  • LGD Gaming
  • BetBoom Team
  • Xtreme Gaming
  • Gaimin Gladiators
  • Aurora
  • OG
  • Team Falcons
  • nouns
  • Azure Ray

Find out the final eight teams of the tournament here.

BetBoom Dacha 1v1 tournament

One of the most exciting parts of the BetBoom Dacha event is the inclusion of a 1v1 mode tournament. And this includes a $100,000 bounty for the best player to grab. This mode sees not only midlaners but players from all roles participating. Check out all the 1v1 tournament players here.

Keep track with the BetBoom Dacha 1v1 schedule and live results below!

Our interviews is also on-site and we have plenty of interview sessions to share! Here are all BetBoom Dacha Dubai interviews that we have so far:

BB Dacha meta highlight

This first premier LAN Dota 2 event of the year would definitely see interesting picks and strategies. If you want to keep up with the tournament meta and new cheesy picks, you can find them below!

Who will win BetBoom Dacha Dubai?

New year, new predictions? We have highlighted the strongest favorites entering this tournament. Who do you think are the powerhouses of BB Dacha? Read more below!

BetBoom Dacha Dubai streaming rules

If you’re looking to stream BetBoom Dacha live, tournament host FISSURE has laid out its streaming rules for community members. 

  1. Show the in-game DotaTV feed. Restreaming the official channel is not allowed.
  2. Title your stream “Team A vs Team B | BB Dacha Dota2 - Dubai 2024”
  3. No advertisements or sponsors are allowed for the stream.
  4. No advanced broadcast features like live production, complicated graphics, or in-person casting booths. Overlay extensions appear to be allowed.
  5. Use “BB Dacha Dota 2 - Dubai 2024” or “BetBoom Dacha Dota2 2024 - Dubai” for the tournament name.
  6. Present a “clean and positive image” of the event during your broadcast.

Click here for an official list of BetBoom Dacha streaming rules listed by FISSURE.

And that is all the information we have so far regarding the upcoming BetBoom Dacha Dubai in February 2024. Keep yourself updated with more Dota 2 news here on!