BetBoom Dacha Solo Tournament players revealed cover image

BetBoom Dacha Solo Tournament players revealed

Midlaners are not the only ones playing for the crown this time.

BetBoom Dacha's first tournament of the year will take place in Dubai, starting on Feb. 4. Seven teams were invited based on last year's results, while the other five had to qualify from each region. For this tournament, BetBoom will feature everything on a larger scale: the venue, the number of teams, and, of course, the prize money.

Last year, fans enjoyed the entertaining BetBoom Dacha 1v1 Tournament, where every participating midlaner, including Ivan "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov, had to play with the same hero in a single-elimination bracket. The best midlaner earned $1,000 and bragging rights. However, this time, it won't be all fun and games. The winner of the BetBoom Dacha Dubai Solo Tournament will earn a share of the $100,000 USD prize pool.

BetBoom Dacha 1v1 players

Fissure and BetBoom Esports accounts announced a list of players that will be competing in the BetBoom Dacha Solo Tournament. The names mentioned are:

  • Larl (Team Spirit)
  • 33 (Team Liquid)
  • Quinn (Gaimin Gladiators)
  • Ari (OG)
  • gpk (BetBoom Team)
  • MieRo` (BetBoom Team)
  • Kiritych~ (Virtus.Pro)
  • iLTW
  • Cooman
  • TORONTOTOKYO (BetBoom Team)
  • Armel (Aurora)
  • Jabz (Aurora)
  • Lou (Azure Ray)
  • Ori (Azure Ray)
  • Faith_bian / Bach (Azure Ray)
  • 天命 (Azure Ray)
  • fy (Azure Ray)
  • Save- (BetBoom Team)
  • Stormstormer (Nouns)
  • Gunnar (Nouns)
  • Malr1ne (Team Falcons)
  • ATF (Team Falcons)
  • Sneyking (Team Falcons)
  • Cr1t (Team Falcons)
  • Nisha (Team Liquid)
  • BlitzDota (Team Liquid)
  • Boxi (Team Liquid)
  • miCKe (Team Liquid)
  • squad1x (Virtus.Pro)
  • G (Virtus.Pro)
  • Xm (Xtreme Gaming)
  • XinQ (Xtreme Gaming)
  • Dy (Xtreme Gaming)
  • Xxs (Xtreme Gaming)
  • CY (Gaimin Gladiators)
  • BonkiBoi
  • Misha (OG)
  • bzm (OG)
Google translation of BetBoom Esports' VK post (Screenshot by
Google translation of BetBoom Esports' VK post (Screenshot by

New rivalries for BetBoom Dacha Solo Tournament

Last year, Danil "gpk" Skutin emerged victorious in the tournament with a 2-1 victory over Gleb "kiyotaka" Zyryanov. Now, new contenders from every role are ready to vie for the top spot. While some intriguing names have surfaced, there's one contender with a clear mission: to defeat "Quinn" Callahan. And no, it's not Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev this time.

William "Blitz" Lee shed some light on how the players were chosen: each team was allocated five slots. Some opted to include all of their players, such as Azure Ray and Xtreme Gaming. Others took a different approach, like Gaimin Gladiators and Team Liquid, who invited their coaches instead. But seriously, who is BonkiBoi?!

BetBoom Dacha Solo Tournament dates and format

Fissure announced that the BetBoom Dacha 1v1 Tournament will start on Feb. 10. They also mentioned that pairs will be revealed soon, but no dates on that were made clear.

If we refer to last year's rules, the format should be as follows:

  • Single-elimination bracket
  • Every match is a Bo1, except the Grand Finals (Bo3)
  • Infused Raindrop not allowed
  • The pool of heroes is reduced to 10
  • During the Grand Finals, the available heroes are further reduced based on previous picks

Please note that these rules are subject to change. We will keep you informed once the final format is announced, so stay tuned for more!