BB Dacha Grand Finals: Liquid vs Falcons live score, drafts, and more cover image

BB Dacha Grand Finals: Liquid vs Falcons live score, drafts, and more

Keep track with the ongoing BetBoom Dacha finals between Team Liquid and Team Falcons here!

The grand finals of BetBoom Dacha Dubai is here! Buckle up for some high quality Dota 2 between the  remarkably consistent Western European powerhouse, Team Liquid, and the new, rising force from Middle East, Team Falcons. Keep track with the live results, drafts, gameplay clips, and more below!

UPDATE: Team Falcons obliterates Team Liquid 3-0 in the BetBoom Dacha finals to take their first champion title!

Where to watch Liquid vs Falcons

For your convenience, we have embedded the live match of BetBoom Dacha Dubai Grand Finals below. You can also go to BetBoom's official Twitch stream here.

BetBoom Dacha finals score: Falcons sweeps Liquid 3-0

The grand finals of BetBoom Dacha Dubai will play out in a standard BO5 (best-of-five). The final score for Team Liquid vs Team Falcons is 0-3.

Kill Score
Game Duration
Team Falcons
Liquid (17-32) Falcons
Team Falcons
Liquid (32-28) Falcons
Game 3
Team Falcons
Liquid (7-33) Falcons

Game one: Draft and stats

(Image via <a href="">STRATZ</a>)
(Image via STRATZ)

The first game witnessed a good start from Team Liquid, winning both the top lane and safe lane. But their tiny lead in the early game would gradually crumble after the 15 minute mark as Falcons took control of fights to end it at 42 minutes.

(Image via <a href="">STRATZ</a>)
(Image via STRATZ)
  • Team Liquid forgets to take the Refresher Shard at minute 44.

Game two: Drafts and stats

(Image via <a href="">STRATZ</a>)
(Image via STRATZ)

The second game was a much closer battle. Team Liquid rode on an early 20 minutes momentum, securing fights with a terrific 33's Ravage and miCKe's Eclipse. But Falcons continuously challenged their lead and the game went back and forth. With two racks down on both sides, the late game grew intense. Ultimately, Falcons initiated with a five-man Smoke to ambush Liquid in their own base, hitting the Ancient with a Divine Rapier on skiter. Team Liquid once again takes a loss.

(Image via <a href="">STRATZ</a>)
(Image via STRATZ)
  • 33 delivers a fight-winning ravage at minute 36.
  • Ultra Kill for skiter at minute 41.
  • A big-brain high ground fight by Falcons to secure the second game at minute 47.

Game three: Draft and stats

  • ATF gets his third kill using a sleek Tidebringer.
  • Falcons completely outplays Liquid at minute 22.
  • A RAMPAGE for skiter!!

What's at stake?

This epic finale is an interesting matchup between a long-time consistent juggernaut, Team Liquid, and the new organization in town, Team Falcons. The two teams will not only battle for the title of the BetBoom Dacha Dubai champions, but also compete for a slice of the $1 million dollar prize pool. The winner of this series will grab a whopping $400,000. Meanwhile, the loser of this series will settle with a $200,000 prize money.

A victory for Team Falcons would be a satisfying return for the young offlaner, ATF, who had been away from the competitive scene due to unique circumstances. It would also be the first major tournament victory for Cr1t since The Manila Masters in 2017. But most excitingly, a Falcons victory rewards its midlaner, Malr1ne, with his first ever tier one tournament victory.

On the other hand, a win for Team Liquid is like an insane sigh of relief. Liquid has the second place curse due to its history of consecutive finals yet no victories. In 2023 Liquid has been to five grand finals and lost all of them. Their main goal right now is to not finish second. And with this being their first finals of the year, could Team Liquid finally change their fate?

We will continue to update this section as the series unfolds! In the meantime, stay tuned to for more Dota 2 news!