Free Arcanas are back to Dota as Candyworks return once again for Crownfall. Win games, collect candies and get your rewards!

The Candyworks minigame has returned for Crownfall, and once again offers free Arcanas of your favorite heroes. Here's everything you need to know about it and how to get your hands on those free Arcanas.

How to access Candyworks Caravan in Crownfall

First released in the 2022 Battle Pass, the Candyworks is a much welcomed addition to Dota. Various kinds of in-game goodies such as treasure sets, Immortal gears and Arcanas are obtainable through a fun minigame. Now, it's back in the current Crownfall patch and dubbed as the Crownfall Candyworks Caravan—a similar but slightly simpler version of its predecessor.

To unlock the Candyworks Caravan and start obtaining free Arcanas, you need to play the first Act of Crownfall. By playing Dota games and collecting the necessary tokens, you can open the path toward the Candyworks Caravan. As the required tokens are random for each player, you need a little luck to get there. Needless to say, winning your games ensures the quickest route to the Caravan. For more details on understanding how the Crownfall event works, refer to our guide below.

Collect candies and get free Arcanas, Immortal treasures and more!

Just like the previous Candyworks, you can get Arcanas and all kinds of other treasures for free by trading in various types of candies. However, the Crownfall Candyworks is slightly different than that of the 2022 Battle Pass. For instance, instead of leveling up your Battle Pass to get Candy Sacks, you simply need to progress through the Crownfall Overworld Map by winning your Dota games. However, there are only two items displayed this time instead of three, making it more difficult for Arcanas to appear. Otherwise, everything else remains the same.

  1. Collect Candy Sacks from the Crownfall map
  2. Fill the candy slots in the Candyworks Caravan
  3. Get the right combination to trade in your candies for the item you desire

You can also re-roll the displayed items up to 10 times per week. To get more re-rolls, you have to win your Dota games.

image 1image 2

You can get 24 Candy Sacks by progressing through the free section of the Crownfall Overworld Map. The other 20 are available by purchasing and completing the Midgate Pathfinder Packs side quests. Furthermore, you can also purchase the Crownfall Royal Bundle to get 30 more Candy Sacks on top of 10 re-rolls and 20 MMR Double Down Tokens.

Exchanging candies and unlocking more slots

There are five types of candies available in the Crownfall Candyworks Caravan. They are as follows:

  • Midgate Mudballs
  • Shadeshore Sugar Worms
  • Skywrath Squawksicles
  • Goldlake Glitterfish
  • Oglodi Trail Jerky

In order to exchange for the Ember Spirit Blaze Armor as shown as shown in the image above, you need to have one Shadeshore Sugar Worm, two Skywrath Squawksicles and one Oglodi Trail Jerky. In a case where you have an excess in a type of candy, you may exchange three for the one you need. Or you can also use the recipe menu to exchange specific combinations of candies you possess (on left) to convert to new combinations of candies (on right).

Having more candy slots is advantageous as you can make more candy combinations. There are 30 candy slots available in the Candyworks Caravan and you start with 20. To unlock the rest, you need to visit a Candyworks Shop in the Crownfall Overworld Map. We have yet to get to the shop ourselves but our best guess is the Mysterious-Looking Vendor located in the The Missing Smith side quest path, a paid section of Crownfall.

List of all free Arcanas available in Candyworks

Here are all the free Arcanas obtainable through the Crownfall Candyworks Caravan:

Crystal MaidenFrost Avalanche
JuggernautBladeform Legacy
Legion CommanderBlades of Vosh Domosh
LinaFiery Soul of the Slayer
Monkey KingGreat Sage's Reckoning
Ogre MagiFlockheart's Gamble
Phantom AssassinManifold Paradox
PudgeFeast of Abscession
RubickThe Magus Cypher
Shadow FiendDemon Eater
TechiesSwine of the Sunken Galley
TerrorbladeFractal Horns of Inner Abysm
ZeusTempest Helm of the Thundergod

More information on the following acts and rewards will be updated during the next weeks. To stay up-to-date with all the information related to the Crownfall Dota 2 event, keep following!

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