What can you get for free, and what’s behind a paywall?

Mid-April is finally here! It means Valve just released the Dota 2 Crownfall event, including two brand-new Arcanas. One for Vengeful Spirit, and the other for Skywrath Mage. The update features a new comic for the lore enthusiasts, explaining why these two heroes are the chosen ones.

There is also a new quest mode that you can play right now with the most recent update. In resume, you have to play the indicated heroes to earn tokens that will unlock pieces of the story. You will earn treasures, store coins, candies, and more. Keep reading to find out what you get and how to progress!

The Overworld Map for the Dota 2 Crownfall event

On the in-game main screen, you'll find a button leading to the first act of the story. Click it to enter the Overlord map, which should look like this:

All the paths you can take to follow the Crownfall main and side quests
All the paths you can take to follow the Crownfall main and side quests

The paths are randomized between players to prevent multiple accounts from queuing at the same time with similar token requirements. On this screen, you will find all the information you need to start progressing. To start playing, check what's the first token you will need. For this example, the "running" token will allow us to get our first rewards.

This first mission requires a "Running" token and will grant the first rewards.
This first mission requires a "Running" token and will grant the first rewards.

How do I get the tokens?

As simple as it sounds: Play the hero required on each category to earn tokens. Even though every hero could grant multiple tokens for different categories, some of them will give twice the amount of the same category.

In-game information about tokens to unlock the Crownfall main quest.
In-game information about tokens to unlock the Crownfall main quest.

Play dota, earn tokens

  • Every hero has a set of three tokens. (For example, in Act I, Axe has Running, Durable and Initiator tokens.)
  • If you win a match with that hero, you'll earn one of each token. If you lose, you'll get one of the three tokens randomly. Turbo matches grand two tokens for a win and none for a loss.
  • Earned tokens will stay in your inventory for the act until you use them to unlock later paths or encounters.
In-game information on the "How to play" section.

As the instructions say, you will earn random tokens if you lose. If you want more chances of getting the token you need, win or lose, try to select the heroes that will give you double of the same token (or triple, in Broodmother's case).

Unlocking the Overworld map and rewards explained

The access to the Crownfall main quest is free for everyone, and it comes with lore dialogues and special and five different kinds of rewards:

  • Coins: You can get 15 coins for free. When you get 10 of them, you can ask for a discount from the Crownfall store purchasable items. It varies from region to region, but should get you around $8-10 USD off.
  • Candy sacks: You can get 21 for free. Progress on the Overworld map will unlock the Candyworks caravan. Works the same as the Diretide candyworks. Earn candies and trade them for random sets. If you don't like the ones offered, re-roll them. Earn a re-roll everytime you win a match.
  • Treasures: You can get 2 for free. Treasures are divided in two forms, including different sets each. You can also buy them on the Crownfall store.
  • Gifts: You can get 14 for free. This gifts may include random emoticons and voice lines. However, you can also get MMR double-down tokens, loading screens and sprays.
  • Style unlocks: You can get 1 for free. Style unlocks will give different aspects to the final Crownfall main quest reward, which is an Invoker mythical set.

The Overworld map includes two side quests blocked for players looking to enjoy the Dota 2 Crownfall event for free. These quests are not relevant for the main storyline, but you will miss two styles for the Invoker's mythical set. The Midgate Pathfinder Pack to unlock the two side quests includes:

  • 10 extra coins.
  • 20 more candy sacks.
  • Two Crownfall treasure I and one Crownfall treasure II.
  • 5 MMR double-down tokens
  • Seasonal sprays, loading screens, and showcase decorations.
  • Extra chances to get random emoticons and voice lines.
  • Two extra encounters
  • "Shifty's shortblade" (Immortal item for Riki)
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How to unlock the Crownfall arcanas?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get the newest Arcanas for free. However, you can use your coins to get a discount for your favorite ones. For more information on these exclusive items, read our article here.

More information on the following acts and rewards will be updated during the next weeks. To stay up-to-date with all the information related to the Crownfall Dota 2 event, keep following esports.gg!

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