Just be careful not to hit it on accident.

MMR Double Down is back in Dota 2, and the infamous mechanic is now available to every player for free. While it seems simple at first, the system can be incredibly rewarding or punishing.

It’s also suspiciously easy to use them on accident, but depending on your strategy, that could be a good thing. Here’s everything you should know about MMR Double Downs, from how they work to the best strategies for using them.

MMR Double Down returns

MMR Double Down is a returning Dota 2 mechanic where players double the amount of MMR gained or lost from a ranked match. Players activate tokens by opening the menu at the start of the game and confirming their selection. There is no limit to how many players can double down their MMR change in a single game. There’s no cooldown or time limit for them either. The only limiting factor is the amount players own, and more can be unlocked or purchased as Crownfall goes on.

Valve appears to have played a little practical joke with the Double Down system this time. The developer replaced the Dota Plus prediction UI with the Double Down feature, so if you click the same buttons in the same order, you raise the stakes. Try to control your muscle memory at the start of every match, unless you opt for our second recommended strategy.

The game will trick you into using your first one (Image via Valve)
The game will trick you into using your first one (Image via Valve)

The best way to use your MMR Double Down tokens 

Considering the stats behind the system, there are two valid ways of using Double Down tokens to stack up your MMR.

The first and safer option is to use them strategically. Players submit their token at the start of the game after the draft, which can already give you a decent idea of how the game will go. You can also check your teammates to help decide. If you have a mid Undying and a pre-muted offlane, there’s no need to commit. The same is true if you're playing an off role for Role Queue tokens. Just be patient and cash them in when you’re confident of a victory.

The second method is much more volatile but has even higher potential MMR gains. This method involves using MMR Double Down tokens in every game no matter what. It sounds insane, but if you’ve already been grinding the patch for months, this system could actually work better than strategic thinking.

Grandmaster Broodmother with a foreign name? Slam that Double Down (Image via Valve)
Grandmaster Broodmother with a foreign name? Slam that Double Down (Image via Valve)

The Dota 2 matchmaking queue is about to get flooded with returning players who took a break before Crownfall. They’ll be rusty, and on top of that, they are incentivized to play heroes that are out of their comfort zone thanks to The Markets of Midgate.

Grinders are at a major advantage right now, especially for the start of the update. If you want to make Crownfall even more exciting, raise the stakes on every game and hope it shakes out in your favor.

There is, of course, a secret third technique of using Double Downs to intentionally deflate your MMR so you can play Battle Cup with your friends. Don’t do that.

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