Here are all upcoming EPT Dota 2 events in the 2024 season!

ESL just dropped the calendar for the second season of ESL Pro Tour (EPT). The calendar showcases a full list of all upcoming events in 2024. Find out all the tournaments in plan - which also sees the ESL One series setting up for LANs in Europe and Asia.

ESL Pro Tour (EPT) Calendar 2024

*All tournaments (except for TBA) will host a $1 million prize pool.

Total EPT Points
Open Qualifier
Closed Qualifier
DreamLeague S22
Feb 25 - March 10
Jan 09 - 12
Jan 13 - 17
ESL One Europe
Apr 22 - 28
Jan 22 - 25
Jan 26 - 30
DreamLeague S23
May 20 - 26
March 16 - 19
March 20 - 24
May 29 - 30
May 31 - 04
DreamLeague S24
Oct 27 - Nov 10
Sep 18 - 21
Sep 22 - 26
ESL One Asia
Dec 09 - 15
Oct 13 - 16
Oct 17 - 21

All upcoming events in 2023/2024

  • ESL One Kuala Lumpur

The Kuala Lumpur event is the first event of the second EPT season. However, it takes place at the end of 2023 instead of in 2024. This tournament will occur on December 11 until 18 where twelve teams battle it out in front of a live audience in Malaysia.

  • DreamLeague Season 22

The DreamLeague 22 will see the tournament return to a two-week long format. Following the end of ESL One Kuala Lumpur, the top four teams on the EPT leaderboard will receive a direct invite to DreamLeague 22.

  • ESL One Europe

ESL One will make its way to Europe once again, though the specific country has yet to be announced.

  • DreamLeague Season 23

DreamLeague 23 is the final stop before heading towards the summit of EPT.

  • TBA (Riyadh Masters replacement?)

A TBA tournament which is likely the replacement of Riyadh Masters will take place in the middle of the year. The top eight teams on the EPT leaderboard will be invited to compete in this presumably lucrative tournament.

  • DreamLeague S24
  • ESL One Asia

ESL One will make a final appearance in an undisclosed country in Asia.

Biggest changes in ESL Pro Tour Season 2

The upcoming second season of ESL Pro Tour sees some changes to its formatting. Here are the mentioned changes on ESL's website:

  • Introduced EPT Points and leaderboard
  • Expanded season 2 to feature a total of three DreamLeague events and two ESL One events
    • Added DreamLeague Season 21 results to EPT Points leaderboard
  • Changed direct invites to be dependent on EPT Points from DreamLeague Season 22 onwards
    • ESL One Kuala Lumpur was based primarily on TI placements
  • Added Open & Closed Qualifiers to all events going forward
  • Added MENA as qualifier region
  • Both ESL One Kuala Lumpur and ESL One Europe +1 Armor
    • To simplify the impact of the bonus armor increase: Both events feature a $1,000,000 prize pool each now

More details soon

Following Valve's decision to abolish the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC), the emerging ESL Pro Tour (EPT) has almost completely taken over the calendar for the tier 1 scene.

Riyadh Masters host lucrative prize money in the tier 1 scene.<br>(Image via Gamers8)
Riyadh Masters host lucrative prize money in the tier 1 scene.
(Image via Gamers8)

With continuous premier tournaments throughout 2024, ESL Pro Tour will also see the summit of its season happen in July, which would likely be the Riyadh Masters. This tournament is touted as the "new The International" as it usually hosts insanely lucrative prize money.

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