Only eight teams will prevail in the ESL One Kuala Lumpur Closed Qualifiers.

The ESL One Kuala Lumpur Closed Qualifiers have concluded and we now have a full set of participants for the tournament! ESL will bring twelve teams to the heart of Malaysia - three being direct invites, and the other nine being qualified teams.

Note that ESL initially invited four teams including Team Spirit. However, the TI12 champions withdrew from ESL One Kuala Lumpur due to health issues. The team's slot is given to Eastern Europe as the region has an additional qualified team.

All ESL One Kuala Lumpur teams

  • Gaimin Gladiators (WEU) - Invited
  • Azure Ray (CN) - Invited
  • LGD Gaming (CN) - Invited
  • Team Liquid - WEU Qualifier
  • Team Secret - WEU Qualifier
  • BetBoom Team - EEU Qualifier
  • 9Pandas - EEU Qualifier
  • Invictus Gaming - CN Qualifier
  • Blacklist International - SEA Qualifier
  • Team Falcons - MENA Qualifier
  • TSM - NA Qualifier
  • Wawitas Sagazes - SA Qualifier

Where to watch ESL One Kuala Lumpur Closed Qualifiers

ESL is broadcasting the matches for the qualifiers on its Twitch channels. There are also plenty of streamers livestreaming the matches on their personal Twitch channels. We have embedded the main stream below.

Here are links to the ESL One Kuala Lumpur Closed Qualifiers livestreams:

Another way to spectate the games is through the Dota 2 client itself. Click on the Watch tab > Watch Now > Tournaments and spot ESL One Kuala Lumpur.

If you can't find it, go to the Replays tab and you can find replays from the tournament under "Popular tournament matches." Then click on the tournament logo on the bottom left. You will see an overview of the tournament with its past and ongoing matches which you can spectate live!

Western Europe Closed Qualifier

  • Team Liquid (Invited)
  • Entity (Invited)
  • OG (Invited)
  • Nightshade Esports (OQ #1)
  • Team Tickles (OQ #1)
  • Alliance (OQ #1)
  • Team Secret (OQ #2)
  • D2 Hustlers (OQ #2)

Eastern Europe Closed Qualifier

  • BetBoom Team (Invited)
  • (Invited)
  • 9Pandas (Invited)
  • Natus Vincere (Invited)
  • Klim Sani4 (OQ #1)
  • Team Klee (OQ #1)
  • TBD (OQ #2)
  • TBD (OQ #2)

MENA Closed Qualifier

  • PSG Quest (Invited)
  • Team Falcons (OQ #1)
  • Winter Bear (OQ #1)
  • Gamax Esports (OQ #1)
  • DotaUltimate (OQ #1)
  • Riyadh Chefs (OQ #2)
  • Woofer Fans (OQ #2)

Southeast Asia Closed Qualifier

  • Aurora (Invited)
  • Bleed Esports (Invited)
  • Talon Esports (Invited)
  • Execration (OQ #1)
  • Geek Fam (OQ #1)
  • IHC Esports (OQ #1)
  • Blacklist International (OQ #2)
  • Neon Esports (OQ #2)

China Closed Closed Qualifier

  • Team Aster (Invited)
  • Go along (OQ #1)
  • Eagle (OQ #1)
  • Team Zero (OQ #1)
  • Team Bright (OQ #1)
  • Team Trust (OQ #2)
  • Invictus Gaming (OQ #2)
  • Ignite (OQ #2)

North America Closed Qualifier

  • nouns (Invited)
  • TSM (Invited)
  • Yangzhiganlu (OQ #1)
  • Bammysoy (OQ #1)
  • Team Rocket (OQ #1)
  • Sand King Gomez (OQ #2)
  • pomoika (OQ #2)
  • Fart Studios (OQ #2)

South America Closed Qualifier

  • BOOM Esports (Invited)
  • Keyd Stars (Invited)
  • Infinity (Invited)
  • Wawitas Sagazes (Invited) BocaJuniors (Invited)
  • Kaiser estar_backs (OQ #1)
  • Mad Kings (OQ #2)

ESL One Kuala Lumpur to take place in December

A total of twelve teams will head to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this December 11 to compete in the final tier 1 competition of the year. This will be an exciting ending to 2023 as well as an epic start to the new 2024 season.

We will continue to cover the ESL One Kuala Lumpur and its Closed Qualifiers. So stay tuned to!

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