Every Apex Legends limited-time mode (LTM): dates and content cover image

Every Apex Legends limited-time mode (LTM): dates and content

A comprehensive guide to every LTM in Apex history

Apex Legends has a long history with a long, long list of events. Since its release in 2019, the popular and free-to-play battle royale game has had a consistent stream of special events. With constant updates, it can be easy to lose track of what has come and gone throughout the game’s history.

Beyond the standard battle royale gameplay, Apex Legends has released a large range of LTMs (limited-time mode) over the years. Each of these unique LTMs brought a new feature or twist to the classic gameplay. Additionally, most brought a special seasonal map, ability, and weapon.

Most LTM's keep the traditional Apex three-squad set up (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)
Most LTM's keep the traditional Apex three-squad set up (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)

Unfortunately, these events are usually only available for a couple of weeks. Most only come back to the game every year or so. Here is a comprehensive list of every LTM (limited-time mode) that has been featured in Apex Legends!

Every LTM (Limited-Time Mode) in Apex Legends

Every Apex LTM 2019

Event Name
First Start Date
First End Date
Event Description
Apex Elite Queue
June 4, 2019
July 2, 2019
The very first LTM wasn’t very different from the basic battle royale experience. Players had to reach Top 5 in a match to unlock the mode. To continue playing in this mode, the player had to get to at least the Top 5 in every match.
Apex Solo
August 13, 2019
August 27, 2019
The gameplay was the same as the base battle royale, except that you played alone, against 59 other solo players. Pretty simple concept that quickly became an all-time fan favorite. Weirdly enough, this mega popular mode hasn’t been taken out of the vault since 2019.
Armed and Dangerous
September 3, 2019
September 17, 2019
Armed and Dangerous only spawns snipers and shotguns. Additionally, health items spawn more and Evo Shields spawn less. This LTM has been featured six times since it's introduction, with each re-release featuring slight alterations.
October 15, 2019
November 5, 2019
The goal of Shadowfall is to reach the evac ship alive. The game begins as Apex Solo, with sixty Legends against each other. If a player dies, they return as a shadow to kill the other still living Legends. Once only ten players remain, they become a team and try to escape.
December 12, 2019
January 7, 2020
Three teams fight to control the Winter Express Train, by either killing the other two teams or holding the train for over 10 seconds. To win, a team must win three rounds. Healing items are unlimited and can be used twice as fast.
Legends escaping to the Evac Ship in Shadowfall (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)
Legends escaping to the Evac Ship in Shadowfall (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)

Every Apex LTM 2020

Event Name
First Start Date
First End Date
Event Description
Gold Rush Duos
January 14, 2020
January 16, 2020
As implied by the name, this LTM only features fully kitted Gold (and Red) weapons in duo gameplay.
January 16, 2020
January 18, 2020
Dead Legends are automatically respawned by their team when the zone closes. No banner cards are available, so this is the only way to get back dead teammates.
Third-Person Mode
January 18, 2020
January 20, 2020
Players have a third-person POV instead of the normal first-person POV. The rest of the gameplay is exactly the same.
Always Be Closing
January 20, 2020
January 21, 2020
The Ring continues to close for the entire game, while dealing Final Round damage.
DUMMIE's Big Day
January 26, 2020
January 28, 2020
The only Legend available is the DUMMIE, which has unique abilities and motivational voicelines.
Déjà Loot
March 3, 2020
March 17, 2020
Every game plays out the same, with the same Dropship route, Ring locations, and Care Packages as well as the same loot across the map.
Battle Armor
April 28, 2020
May 12, 2020
Only one armor type is available at a time. All other armor is removed from the loot pool. The first few days were only white armor, the next couple were blue, and the last days were purple only.
October 6, 2020
October 20, 2020
Similarly to Always Be Closing, the zone always closes in this LTM. Additionally, some POIs on the map have "Flashpoint" zones that restore shields and health.
October 22, 2020
November 3, 2020
Legends become Shadows when they die. Shadow Legends can only deal melee damage and must try to help whichever members of their squad are alive to victory.

Every LTM 2021

Event Name
First Start Date
First End Date
Event Description
Airdrop Escalation
January 5, 2021
January 19, 2021
Care Packages drop increasingly rare items as the game rounds go on. The spawn rate of Care Packages is also significantly increased.
Locked and Loaded
February 9, 2021
March 2, 2021
No White items spawn on the map, meaning that loot rarity across the board goes up.
Ring Fury
March 9, 2021
March 23, 2021
While the normal Ring closes, smaller rings appear across the map that also deal damage to Legends caught inside.
Second Chance
April 13, 2021
April 13, 2021
Every player automatically respawns once per match above where they died, with all of their items.
Armor Regen
April 13, 2021
April 15, 2021
Damaged shields automatically regenerate health after not taking damage for a while. However, shield cells do not spawn.
Ultra Zones
April 15, 2021
April 21, 2023
Three Hot Zones spawn on the map instead of just one, until each turns into a Flashpoint Zone and deals damage.
April 19, 2021
April 19, 2021
Teammate Banner Cards are automatically available to players and Respawn Beacons also spawn more often.
June 29, 2021
July 13, 2021
Two squads play one v. one to win the majority of rounds. This LTM later became a permanent mode, and even later, was removed.
Ash presiding over her creation, Arenas, in Season 9: Legacy (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)
Ash presiding over her creation, Arenas, in Season 9: Legacy (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)

Every Apex LTM 2023

Event Name
First Start Date
First End Date
Event Description
Hardcore Royale
January 24, 2023
February 7, 2023
Player's HUD is hidden, except for Legend ability charges like Tactical and Ultimates.
February 7, 2023
February 14, 2023
Duos mode in which using a health item near your teammate also heals them. A special Bocek called the Heart Stealer spawned that healed your team when it damaged enemies.
TDM - Unshielded
April 25, 2023
May 9, 2023
Every player has the same loudout and no shields. Each loadout is random and mostly consists of Gold and Red weapons.
September 19, 2023
October 3, 2023
Halloween event with special Rev Shell grenades. Rev Shells lock onto enemies to track them down while yelling out insults.
Tricks N' Treats Trios
October 17, 2023
October 31, 2023
Copycat Kits spawn around the map, allowing Legends to use extra Tacticals and Ultimates. Special candy Nessies also spawn that levels up shields.
November 7, 2023
November 21, 2023
Squads respawn up to two times with all of their loot. Additionally, reviving teammates is much faster and downed teammates can only bleed out.
December 5, 2023
January 2, 2024
Infection type mode where the Legends try to escape on Evac Ships and the Revenant Army tries to kill them all before time runs out.

This massive list of LTMs shows how incredibly dedicated Respawn is to releasing new and fun content for Apex Legends. Since more LTMs will continue to release, we will be sure to continue to update this list as well!

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