The Post Malone Apex Legends event starts November 7th.

The Post Malone Apex event will feature a brand new 'Three Strikes' Limited Time Mode and exclusive cosmetics when it releases on November 7th.

The Three Strikes mode will feature fast revives and whole team respawning. This will bring fast paced action and create crazy chaotic end game situations.

Three Strikes Limited Time Mode

The Three Strikes Limited Mode will be a fast paced, high octane version of the Apex Battle Royale. Players will be invincible when downed, revives take just one second and teams can respawn when eliminated. As the name suggests, your team will have three strikes before you are out of the game.

Players will respawn one POI away from where their squad wiped with the gear that was equipped at the time of the squad wipe, including:

  • Armor and EVO progression
  • Weapons and attachments (except for mythic weapons)
  • Ammo, ordinance, and consumables

Additionally, the the Post Malone Apex event will feature extra XP bonuses. These will run Friday through Sundays during the event. November 10-12 will see 1.5x XP across all modes. The following weekend of November 17-19 will see 1.5x XP exclusive to the Three Strikes LTM. Perfect for getting a head start on your Battle Pass.

Post Malone Apex event skins

Further to the exciting LTM, there will also be a range of exclusive in game cosmetics as part of the Post Malone apex event.

These skins will be a whole new tier of rarity, "iconic". These have all been created in association with Post Malone and are for some of his favourite legends and weapons.

There are skins for Lifeline, Horizon, Wraith and Octane. The Wingman, R301, Prowler and CAR SMG also all get matching skins to pair off with a specific legend. The Post Malone Apex event will also introduce stickers, holo sprays and banner frames.

There will also be a Camo Credits event currency system. You can earn up to 285 Camo Credits per day by completing Daily Challenges and use them to unlock event cosmetics. These will let you unlock other cosmetics, Battle Pass stars and Apex packs.

Additionally, for the first time in an Apex event the Camo Credits can be redeemed for an entry into a Sweepstakes competition. These will enter you into a competition to win one of 250 Ignite Bomber Jackets that are inspired by the Wrath skin coming with this event.

In their blogpost EA emphasise that "With only 14 days to earn Camo Credits, you won’t earn enough currency for everything and to max out on Sweepstakes Tokens—so choose wisely. Camo Credits expire at the end of the event."

Post Malone Twitch Drops

Rounding out the event will be some exclusive Post Malone themed Twitch Drops. These will be available during select Twitch Streams across the event.

Hours Watched needed
November 7-14, 2023Weapon Charm 11 hour, 1 hour total
November 7-14, 2023Holospray 11 hour, 2 hours total
November 14-21, 2023Weapon Charm 21 hour, 1 hours total
November 14-21, 2023Holospray 21 hour, 2 hours total
November 14-21, 2023Posty Sticker Pack1 hour, 3 hours total

The Post Malone Apex Event starts November 7th, and runs until November 21st.

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