Tis the season as the Wintertide event comes to Apex Legends. The new month long event has tons of rewards and the return of Winter Express!

As per tradition with the holiday spirit, Apex Legend's most festive season returns with Wintertide! The event starts on December 6 and goes on until the December 27. The Wintertide event features tons of loot up for grabs with a brand new collection event featuring a new Prestige Skin for Wraith. The event also brings back the fan favorite Winter Express game mode. Apex players have a lot to look forward to this holiday season.

The Wintertide event rewards

As per most events in Apex Legends, there's a collection event that goes alongside the event. The Wintertide features both a brand new 25-item collection but also three event reward tracks. In terms of the Collection event, it follows other similar collection events. Meaning that there's 24 items up for grabs, and a Mythic reward if you collect all 24. The Wintertide collection features the Wraith Prestige skin: Apex Voidshifter.

The Prestige skin isn't the only must have of the Wintertide collection. There are a couple frosty recolors of fan favorite skins. The featured skins of the event are for Newcastle, Gibraltar, Bloodhound and Valkyrie. And the featured skins of course aren't alone, as there are matching weapon skins for each. There's also a specific store rotation in play, bringing back older fan favorite skins.

Outside of the collection itself, there are three distinct reward tracks in the Wintertide event. The month of December has been divided into three week long tracks. With the first week being from December 6 to the December 13 and the last being from December 20-27. Each track has rewards at 250 or 500 points, and final rewards at 3000 points. The rewards include crafting materials, battle pass levels, holo sprays, gun charms, skins and a apex pack.

Reward tracks for the Wintertide event
Reward tracks for the Wintertide event

The Winter Express fires up its engine

The Winter Express game mode also makes it's yearly return with the Wintertide event. The objective based game mode has been a fan favorite since its release. Squads of three have to control the central train cart or be the last team standing against two other teams. The short, fast paced game mode brings seasonal players back for the quick and easy gameplay experience.

Tis the season, as Apex delivers again on a great holiday season in the Apex games. The rewards are better than ever this year, as Apex continues to grow. For more Apex content, stick around on Esports.gg