Fight or Fright has risen from the grave for 4 weeks of fun cover image

Fight or Fright has risen from the grave for 4 weeks of fun

Apex Legends Fight or Fright event has arrived! Join us as we go over what the month long event has to offer.

Apex Legend's Halloween event Fight or Fright is up and is in full swing. The 4 week event features plenty of skins and game modes to celebrate the spooky season. The 4 weeks feature fan favorite game modes like Control, Shadow Royale, and Gun Run all on the brand new map.

For the Halloween season, Respawn has introduced Olympus after dark, a scarier and darker variant of the bright floating city of Olympus. The Fight or Fright event starts on October 4th and ends on November 1st.

New, Spine Chilling and Haunting skins for Fight or Fright

The Fight or Fright event features tons of new skins and bundles that are all Halloween themed. There are both returning and new skins for the event. Unfortunately, the skins are mainly in bundles that either include apex packs or with other cosmetic items. The event also features returning popular bundles like Pathfinder's Memoir Noire or Wraith's Voidwalker bundles.

There are 2 different featured event stores, with the new skins being offered under the "specials" tab while all the returning skins are under the "featured" tab.

With regards to the returning skins, there are 15 bundles that are either 2150 or 3000 Apex coins. The returning skins are all of those featured in past Fight or Fright events, and are almost all Legendary rarity.

New gamemodes on Olympus after Dark

The Fight or Fright event also featues 3 returning game modes over the course of the month long event. All the maps feature the usual rotation associated with the game mode as well as the new Olympus after Dark maps.

Fight or Fright LTM schedule:

  • Week 1 - October 4th to 11th - Shadow Royale
  • Week 2 - October 11th to 18th - Gun Run
  • Week 3 - October 18th to 25th - Control
  • Week 4 - October 25th to November 1st - Shadow Royale

Apex's Fight or Fright event continues until the end of October, so be sure to capitalize on the limited time cosmetics and game modes before they are gone. You can check out the full official blog post here. For more Apex content, stick around on