The Carpe Diem WoW daily quest out in the Emerald Dream requires that players make a certain fish wish a reality. Here’s how to get it done.

Inevitably, there's a few new daily quests each World of Warcraft patch that confuses one and all. One are easier than others to figure out, but worse yet--answers are slim. So it goes with the new Dreamwardens daily Carpe Diem WoW quest out in the Emerald Dream as part of the 10.2 patch update.

You might be wondering why that fish keeps despawning and you aren't finishing the job. Well, lucky for you we've already swam up that stream and gotten the answers. It's a whale of a tale, but keep reading for more fishy lore.

How to complete the WoW quest Carpe Diem

To complete the Carpe Diem WoW daily quest you'll need to first head into the waters. Finding the Ambitious Fish in question is your first goal, but there's an important step to remember. You actually need to follow the fish through its full journey without leaving the water or mounting. Yes, that also means you need to get off that fancy swimming fish mount you got for accidentally letting your 12-month subscription re-up automatically....

Um, not that I would know anything about that.

<em>Get off the mount or you'll break the quest.</em>
Get off the mount or you'll break the quest.

Remember: The quest is called 'Carpe Diem' for a reason: Fortune favors the bold, and in this case the bold are the ones willing to stay wet. Follow this fish through the various destinations underwater, otherwise he'll despawn. Likewise, you can't just find the fish then fly to the final location.

Don't be a jerk, help that fish out! And now you know, so I'm going to... uh.... go take a look at when my next WoW subscription renews. After all, how many new mounts does one man need?

(that's a rhetorical question, don't answer)

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