VALORANT Premier schedule: Launch Stage enrollment and match dates cover image

VALORANT Premier schedule: Launch Stage enrollment and match dates

The official launch of VALORANT Premier is here, and we’ve got the schedule so you know when your team needs to be ready to play.

The Premier open beta and Ignition stage were a success. That's given Riot Games the confidence to release Premier in full. Each VALORANT Act will have its own Premier schedule, and eventually you could win your way into the VCT through the mode.

As promised by Riot, VALORANT Champions 2023 is complete and the official launch of Premier is here. You'll find a few changes from the open beta and the Ignition Stage, as Riot Games has polished the mode, with even more updates coming in the future.

What is new in the full launch Premier?

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

There are quite a few changes from the Ignition Stage to this launch stage. The length of the VALORANT Premier schedule is perhaps the most noticeable. All maps in the competitive map pool will now be played throughout each Act, ending with a playoff tournament.

You'll also find new named divisions, rather than numbered divisions, in which you'll need a score of 675 to qualify for the playoff tournament. The highest division being Contender. This is where you'll want to be for a shot at VALORANT Challengers and hopes of making it into the main VCT through Ascension.

VALORANT Premier schedule

With all of the enrollment requirements met, you can play in the VALORANT Premier launch stage. From the mode's section inside of the game, you'll see the dates for your matches. Be sure to check the match times for your specific time zone.

Here is the VALORANT Premier schedule and maps for its launch stage, in which each team can play a maximum of two games per map:

  • Enrollment: August 29 - September 6
  • Week 1: September 7 - September 11 on Haven
  • Week 2: September 12 - September 18 on Breeze
  • Week 3: September 19 - September 25 on Lotus
  • Week 4: September 26 - October 2 on Bind
  • Week 5: October 3 - October 9 on Ascent
  • Week 6: October 10 - October 16 on Split
  • Week 7: October 17 - October 21 on Sunset
  • Playoff Tournament: October 22

There are new rewards to earn for those who perform well, or simply just play in the first place. From Player Cards to Gun Buddies, and even a new Premier Crest which shows how well your team played, and in what division. Good luck, have fun!

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