VALORANT Premier adds Invite Division as way to qualify for VCT Challengers cover image

VALORANT Premier adds Invite Division as way to qualify for VCT Challengers

VALORANT Premier is truly becoming the game’s path to pro as it was intended, with the addition of the Invite Division.

VALORANT Premier has been going strong, giving players an in-game competitive system to truly test teams. The system arrived with several divisions, ensuring evenly matched teams during tournaments. And now, VALORANT Premier adds the Invite Division as its originally promised path to pro.

We've got everything you need to know about what's new in Premier and how it works.

VALORANT Premier Invite Division allows teams to qualify to VCT Challengers

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

The Invite Division comes to VALORANT Premier at the start of Episode 9 Act 1. The launch date for that is scheduled to be June 25, 2024. This gives the highest rated teams within each Premier Zone a chance in the Invite Division to win their qualifications to make VCT Challengers.

We all know what can come after that. VCT Challengers teams can them make it into one of the VCT Ascension tournaments for the four leagues, Americas, EMEA, Pacific, and China. The winners of Ascension receive a stay in their respective international VALORANT league.

New Premier promotion standards come with Episode 8 Act 3

The Invite Division of VALORANT Premier will need teams when it kicks off. So, starting in Episode 8 Act 3, invites to the top teams begin to roll out. Contender Division teams that won their playoff tournament, or placed Top 32 in Contender standings, will advance through.

In addition, VALORANT Premier looks to create further opportunities for all levels of play, not just the Invite Division. Episode 8 Act 3, teams that win a playoff tournament will receive a promotion to the next division.

Here are the new rules implemented alongside the Invite Division and promotion updates:

  • Division promotion is for the team itself, not the players.
  • Rosters changes do not make a team lose the promotion.
  • Adding players with much higher MMR may allow for multiple division promotions.
  • Promotion is only valid for the following stage, so you must play, or seeding rules apply.
  • Premier Score Playoff Qualification threshold is set at 600, instead of the previous 675.

New mechanics for Invite and Contender divisions in VALORANT Premier

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

More changes are coming with the launch of Episode 9 Act 1. Per Riot Games, these changes are meant to create a hyper-competitive environment where the best of the best reap the rewards and advance through the system:

  • All teams must play two schedule events each week on that week's map.
  • Losses, previously worth 25 points, are now worth 0 points.
  • Rematch protection is enabled, but teams with similar records will be matched against each other.
  • In the event of an uneven number of teams for a tournament, the team with the lowest Premier Score receives a bye.
  • Previous playoff qualification was based on Premier Score, but now is based on a team's record and division standings.
  • Teams that move to Challengers from the Invite Division will be contacted by Riot's Esports Team with further details.

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