An exploit on Split in VALORANT is taking it out of the map pool for all modes, including its Premier Week and Premier Playoffs.

Riot Games has announced two bugs they've found within their first-person shooter, VALORANT. The first deals with Cypher's Trapwire still appearing on his teammates' map after dying. The other deals with an exploit on one of VALORANT's maps, Split.

Per the announcement, Patch 8.08 will see a fix for both of these bugs. Cypher remains playable in all modes, but Split is being removed from matchmaking until the issue has been resolved.

Unknown exploit on Split sees its removal from VALORANT matchmaking and Premier

The Cypher bug is just a visual error. The Split issue in VALORANT, however, seems to be a much bigger problem. While Riot Games did not detail exactly what the exploit is, they have made the decision to remove Split from the game for the time being.

Players have commented on the X post with assumptions as to what the exploit is. It has not been confirmed, but many believe it has to do with new locations high up on the map that the likes of Jett and Raze can jump to.

VALORANT players believe this is the Split exploit in question (Image via Riot Games)
VALORANT players believe this is the Split exploit in question (Image via Riot Games)

It won't be long until it returns, though. The most recent update for the game arrived on April 16. They roll out patches on a biweekly basis for VALORANT, thus placing Split back in the rotation come Patch 8.08 on April 30.

There are some adjustments that have to happen with its removal. Split is still available in custom games, but is gone from Competitive, Unrated, Swiftplay, Spike Rush, and Premier.

Premier's Week 7 map for Episode 8 Act 2 was meant to be Split. Riot Games will replace it with the first week's map, Ascent. They are also taking Split out of the pick and ban process for the Act's Premier Playoffs.

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