Here is how you can learn the double jump ability in Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade’s skill tree is one of its most unique features. Players can build out their abilities, attacks, and more using it, but the useful Double Jump doesn't arrive until later in the game. This guide explains how you can get the double jump in Stellar Blade and how to use it.

How do I get the Double Jump in Stellar Blade?

The Double Jump ability arrives a decent way through the game after rescuing Lilly from her crashed pod. Eve travels with Adam and Lily to Xion, humanity's last surviving city. This part of the game offers a much-needed break from combat.

However, after setting out on a few more missions and returning. Lily will adjust your Exo suit during the Light of Hope questline. After doing so, Eve instantly gains the Double Jump ability.

How do I perform a double jump?

Thankfully, the Double Jump is one of the easier abilities to master in Stellar Blade. All you have to do is press the 'X' button twice in rapid succession. If done correctly, Eve will jump once followed by another flip to complete the animation.

This skill is useful during your Stellar Blade journey. During our experience, a single jump with a dash sometimes isn't enough to get over those wide gaps or wall-running sequences. The Double Jump makes it much easier to navigate the tough terrain, ensuring you won't have to return back to a camp.

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(Screenshot via

However, while useful for platforming, you won't rely on the Double Jump much in combat. It's not practical to use in that setting and can occasionally hinder your ability to fight enemies, especially the big boss battles.

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