Here is how you can solve the clock tower puzzle in Stellar Blade.

The PlayStation-exclusive action-adventure game Stellar Blade is finally here. Beyond the unique combat system, costume selection, and robust skill tree feature, various puzzles have stumped players left and right. One in particular that happens early in the game involves a clock tower, and it's challenging to figure out. If you're one of the many players stuck at this point in the game, this guide explains how to solve the Stellar Blade clock tower puzzle.

How to solve the Stellar Blade clock tower puzzle

After taking your first train ride to the station, you will eventually reach an area requiring a four-digit passcode to unlock a door. Unlike puzzles earlier in the game, you cannot find this code on a deceased human. Instead, you must refer to a clock tower that is somewhat hidden in the distance.

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Those who find this part confusing can trigger a hint using the left on the D-pad. This hint refers to a clock tower. If you are looking at the passcode panel and locked turn, turn around, move to the left or right of the pillar behind you, and direct your attention to the sky to locate the clock tower.

After finding the clock tower, press the touchpad to scan the area. This input will highlight the hands on the clock tower, providing you with the answer to this tricky Stellar Blade puzzle. The hands on the clock read 12:25, so head back to the locked door and enter the code '1225', and the door will open.

If entered successfully, passcode 1225 will unlock the door, allowing you through to the next area of the game. Stellar Blade also has some other challenging puzzles, so be sure to check out this article for more helpful hints!

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