The Simple Puzzle request in Stellar Blade is anything but simple if you aren’t sure how to crack it, so we’ve got you covered.

There are a handful of puzzles you'll have to solve while playing Stellar Blade. Many of them progress the main story, but some Stellar Blade puzzles are part of side quests, such as the Simple Puzzle mission.

This is a request found on the Bulletin Board of Xion. A stranger has put in the request, which you can accept, and asks that you play their game with them and complete their puzzle.

We've got you covered and how to do so.

How to complete Simple Puzzle in Stellar Blade

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

First and foremost, go to the Bulletin Board to accept the Simple Puzzle mission in Stellar Blade. It will have the following message for you to read:

"Oh, I'm so bored! Won't someone please play with me?

What shall we play?

How about this? I'll give you an easy puzzle, and you try to solve it!

If you enter the correct answer into the input device at the elevator leading to the Presence Chamber, I'll give you a prize!

No wild guesses, okay?

4@7@8 = 285684

9@3@5 = 271542

6@2@7 = 121426

5@6@7 = ?"

Once accepted, these are the steps to take to complete it:

  1. Track the Simple Puzzle mission in Stellar Blade on your map
  2. Head to the elevator area of the Presence Chamber
  3. Interact with the input device on the pillar
  4. Enter the code 304272
  5. Return to the Bulletin Board to complete the request
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Upon completion, you'll receive two Vitcoin and 1,000 Gold. It's as simple as that, but if you want to know how the code's number was found, you'll need to follow the number pattern in the request's message to uncover the question mark:

  • Multiply the first two numbers (5x6=30)
  • Multiply the second and third number (6x7=42)
  • Add the first two answers together (30+42=72)

Thus, you have your code of 304272. Enjoy your rewards for this request in Stellar Blade!

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