If you’ve stumbled across a locked chest at Bar 99 in Stellar Blade, but can’t find the code, we’ve got a guide for you.

The world of Stellar Blade is full of lootable chest, crates, boxes, and lockers. One particular chest you'll come across in the game is that of Stellar Blade's Bar 99. All you need is the code 1228 to unlock, but it isn't that simple.

It is associated with a quest, so you'll need to grab that from the Bulletin Board before you can discover the code in-game and use it. Once you've done so, the chest inside of Bar 99 in Stellar Blade is ripe for the picking.

Follow along for a guide on how to open it up.

How to open the chest inside of Bar 99 in Stellar Blade

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Barr 99 is an abandoned business in Eidos 7. You can obtain this chest's rewards fairly early on in the game. You just have to get through the beginning stages, reach Xion, and explore.

Here are the steps you need to take to unlock the Bar 99 chest:

  1. Head to the Bulletin Board in Xion
  2. Accept the Legion's Secret Stash request
  3. Travel to Eidos 7 and fight your way past the broken bridge to find Bar 99
  4. Defeat the enemies within the bar
  5. Locate the chest and input code 1228
  6. Collect its contents and travel back to Xion
  7. Turn in the completed Legion's Secret Stash request as the Bulletin Board
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This is a super easy objective to tackle, but it definitely has some players stumped in Stellar Blade.


(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

There are a handful of rewards you get from the chest within Stellar Blade's Bar 99. Large amounts of the following hit the floor around you to pick up:

  • Polymer Material
  • Nano Elements
  • Advanced Nano Elements
  • Extreme Nano Elements

All of these materials help with crafting new outfits and upgrades to your equipment. In addition, you'll net a cool 1,500 Gold when you turn the request in at the Bulletin Board.

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